XRAY.FM Presents: Girl Fest 2018

  • 7:00pm Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The 4th Annual Girl Fest is coming to Holocene!

Founded in 2013 as an annual live music event, Girl Fest is dedicated to supporting talented women in music! Boasting a "festival style" line-up, bringing together artists of a variety of genres, Girl Fest offers a little something for every musical palate!

Gifted Gab
Paris Alexa

Hosted by Miss Casey Carter

$10 | All Ages


Live Performances By:

Gifted Gab, Hip Hop (Seattle) 
Seattle’s own Gifted Gab has the ability to create complex verses with variety in her sound, ranging from smooth melodies to strong lyrics. She grew up with constant exposure to music. From singing with her mother in the church choir to learning to play the piano at age 6, she quickly developed an affinity for memorizing and reciting rap lyrics. 

Wynne, Hip Hop (Eugene) 
At first glance, one would not expect this young, blonde to have achieved so much in the rap game. At age 20, Wynne has already garnered attention from a few of the most influential names in the industry, including Snoop Dogg and World Star, and when you hear her rap, it's no wonder why. 

Fritzwa, R&B (Portland, by way of NYC) 
Fritzwa's music is as unique as it is comfortably familiar. Groovy, funky and full of energy, pairing contemporary R&B beats with the vocalist's deep cutting, classic styling. Not a stranger to the stage, Fritzwa has opened for Ginuwine and Grammy Award Winner Anna Wise. 

Paris Alexa, Pop / R&B (Seattle) 
Paris Alexa's playful doo-wop pop is masterfully crafted using nothing more than a bit of technology and her voice. Many of her songs are done using no instruments, and indeed Paris Alexa’s strength comes from her complex vocal arrangements, ones with Motown and old-school soulful cues written all over them. 

Sheers, Melodic Trip-Hop (Portland) 
Melodicism and classical stylings converge in the brooding soundscapes of trip-hop trio Sheers from Portland, OR. Frontwoman Lily Breshears, a classical harpist and pianist, combines honest lyrics with tension-laden composition mixed with the grooves of Daniel Rossi on drums and the atmospheric textures of Aaron Stern on bass. 

Dreckig, Kraut / Cumbia (Portland) 
What started as drum lessons over ten years ago, between longtime partners Shana Lindbeck & Papi Fimbres, has culminated in this fun, two piece dance/club Cumbia infused, Krautrock band.

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