Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
12:11am   You've Got To Want To Be A Star  Besnard Lakes  Volume 1  Breakglass  Hipsters Suck Buy
12:07am   Wake  Lycia  Wake  Cercle Social  Hipsters Suck Buy
12:03am   Drunkula  Janitors Animated  My God He's Terrible  Mr Dusty  Hipsters Suck Buy
12:00am   Please Let Me Get What I WQant  The Dream Academy  Please Let me get What I Want 12"  Blanco Y Negro  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:56pm   Do You mean That?  He Said  Hail  Mute  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:44pm   Wo Bist Du?  Kiku & Blixa bargels & Black Cracker  Eng, Duester Und Bang  Everest  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:40pm   The Blue  Real To Real  Tightrope  Seven  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:22pm   Morgens Um Vier  Cosa Rosa  Cosa Rosa  CBS  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:18pm   Illusion  Ice The Falling Rain  Lifes Illusion 7"  Future  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:12pm   Tout Est Magnifique  Jacques  Tout Est Magnifique EP  Surprises  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:07pm   Towtruck  Hunters & Collectors  Hunters And Collectors  A&M  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:03pm   Beat City  Flowerpot Men  Beat City 7"  Fireball  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:00pm   Excerpt from heros de Trabajo  Esplendor Geometrico  El Acero Del Partido  Esplendor Geometrico  Hipsters Suck Buy
10:56pm   He Had Beautiful Handwriting  Aging  I Swear I Saw Her Halo  Tombed Visions  Past Haunts Buy
10:52pm   Dew Of The Sea  Sorrow  Under The Yew Possessed  Piski Disk  Past Haunts Buy
10:50pm   Intermission (Notes To The Editor)  The Anchoress  Confessions of a Romance Novelist  Kscope  Past Haunts Buy
10:46pm   Roses In The Snow  Nico  The Marble Index  Elektra  Past Haunts Buy
10:44pm   As Her  Bambara  Swarm  Arrowhawk  Past Haunts Buy
10:40pm   Heaven's Blade  Coil  The Ape Of Naples  Threshold House  Past Haunts Buy
10:38pm   Black Handled Knife  And Also The Trees  Hunter Not The Hunted  And Also The Trees  Past Haunts Buy