Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
12:05am   Passion  The Flirts  Boy Crazy  BMC  Hipsters Suck Buy
12:00am   Fetish  Vicious Pink  Fetish 12"  Manhattan  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:53pm   AEIOU Sometimes Y  Ebn Ozn  AEIOU Sometimes Y 12"  Elektra  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:45pm   Slice Me Nice  Fancy  Slice Me Nice 12"  Metronome  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:40pm   Nukleopatra  Dead Or Alive  Nukleopatra  Demon  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:27pm   Velouria  Pixies  Bossa Nova  4AD  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:23pm   What's Your Name  Depeche Mode  Speak And Spell  Mute  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:20pm   A Bomb In Wardour Street  The Jam  All Mod Cons  Polydor  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:16pm   Dammit Janet  Barry Bostwick/Susan Serandon  Rocky Horror Picture Show  Ode  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:13pm   Potential  Soft Cell  Mutant Moments  A Big Frock  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:09pm   S.O.F.T.  Elastica  Elastica  DGC  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:06pm   Respect  The Wolfgang Press  The Legendary WQolfgang Press And Other Tall Stories  4AD  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:02pm   Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)  Scritti Politti  Cupid & Psyche '85  Virgin  Hipsters Suck Buy
11:00pm   Gloria  Patti Smith  Horses  Arista  Hipsters Suck Buy
10:44pm   humphrey  kathy sullivan  45  kali  Blind Dates with Morning Remorse Buy
10:32pm   et  el regresso  45  fuer  Blind Dates with Morning Remorse Buy
10:13pm   journey  the weirz  s/t  parrelell  Blind Dates with Morning Remorse Buy
10:13pm   speak to me lover  peeping tom  s/t  jeeerree  Blind Dates with Morning Remorse Buy
10:09pm   hang tough  the krush  45  gf  Blind Dates with Morning Remorse Buy
10:08pm   Dance, Dance  T Kail  somwhere sometime  jade  Blind Dates with Morning Remorse Buy