Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
3:53am   Horse Head  Wovenhand/Ultima Vez  Puur  Glitterhouse  Leopardus Pardalis Buy
3:48am   Time  Micah Blue Smaldone  The Ring of The Rise  Immune  Leopardus Pardalis Buy
3:39am   B3  Labradford  Mi Media Naranja  Kranky  Leopardus Pardalis Buy
3:36am   Are We Still Married?  His Name Is Alive  Home is In Your Head  4AD  Leopardus Pardalis Buy
3:31am   Dead and Lovely  Tom Waits  Real Gone  Anti  Leopardus Pardalis Buy
3:24am   Mercy  Mojave 3  Ask Me Tomorrow  4AD  Leopardus Pardalis Buy
3:21am   Hunter  Portishead  Three  Mercury  Leopardus Pardalis Buy
3:14am   Ghosts  Abecedarians  Eureka  Southwest Audio Reproductions  Leopardus Pardalis Buy
3:08am   Theme From Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me  Angelo Badalamenti  Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me Soundtrack  Rhino  Leopardus Pardalis Buy
3:02am   Muscoviet Musquito  Clan Of Xymox  lonely is an eyesore  4ad  Leopardus Pardalis Buy
2:48am   Galaxy Song  Stephen Hawking   Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python  Virgin  Gothique Boutique Buy
2:41am   Umai  Shireen  Matriarch  Foxy  Gothique Boutique Buy
2:35am   When You Love A Man  Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows  The Spiral Sacrifice  Apocalyptic Vision  Gothique Boutique Buy
2:30am   Nest  Devoured By Flowers  Moonscape Hotel  self released  Gothique Boutique Buy
2:23am   Bad Apples (feat. Dave Sitek)  Pussy Riot  Bad Apples  Big Deal   Gothique Boutique Buy
2:19am   Blazing  Ionnalee  Everyone Afraid to be Forgotten  To Whom It May Concern  Gothique Boutique Buy
2:13am   Lies Are More Flexible  GusGus  Lies Are More Flexible  Oroom  Gothique Boutique Buy
2:07am   Korper um Korper  AD:Key  Thema Nummer Eins  Alfa Matrix  Gothique Boutique Buy
2:01am   Regrets  Polygris  The Demos II  self released  Gothique Boutique Buy
1:58am   Primrose Path  Luxury  Primrose Path/Sinclair  743871 Records DK  Gothique Boutique Buy