Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
3:09am   Particle 1  Alva Noto, Ryuichi Sakamoto & Ensemble Modern  utp_  Rastor-Noton  Troubled Sleep Buy
3:05am   A Window Open  Sparkling Wide Pressure  Some Triggers  No Kings  Troubled Sleep Buy
3:00am   Sabulation  Jacob Kirkegaard  Sabulation  Matter  Troubled Sleep Buy
2:53am   Black Blood Rising  Gravehill  Death Curse  Dark Descent  Strike of Death Buy
2:48am   Crying for Death  Morbid Saint  Spectrum of Death  Avanzada Metallica  Strike of Death Buy
2:45am   The Last of the Sunset Faded  Divine Eve  As the Angels Weep  Nuclear Blast  Strike of Death Buy
2:41am   Drenched in Gore  Scuz  Split  Horror Pain Gore Death  Strike of Death Buy
2:37am   The Exorcist (Possessed)  Gruesome  Twisted Prayers  Relapse  Strike of Death Buy
2:31am   Beyond Obsession  Deathblow  The Other Side of Darkness  self released  Strike of Death Buy
2:28am   Midnight Invasion  Cemetery Lust  Rotting in Piss  Hells Headbangers  Strike of Death Buy
2:22am   Another One to Die  Morbid Vomit  Return to the Crypts  Blast Head  Strike of Death Buy
2:18am   Victim Defiled  Cemetery Urn  Barbaric Retribution  Hells Headbangers  Strike of Death Buy
2:11am   No Forgiveness (Without Bloodshed)  Immolation  Dawn of Possession  R/C  Strike of Death Buy
2:08am   Oppression 'Till Death  Deathraiser  Violent Aggression  Xtreem  Strike of Death Buy
2:03am   Devices of Death  Post Mortal Possession  Forest of the Damned  self released  Strike of Death Buy
2:01am   Curse of Malignancy  Black Witchery  Holocaustic Death March to Humanity's Doom  Nuclear War Now!  Strike of Death Buy
1:59am   Emerald  Thin Lizzy  Jailbreak  Mercury  The Funhouse Buy
1:57am   You Don't Remember  Tokyo Electron  Arizona 238   Certified PR  The Funhouse Buy
1:54am   Billy is a Runaway  Iggy Pop  2 Record Set  Pair  The Funhouse Buy
1:48am   Make Good Choices  C. Nelson  Make Good Choices  Really?  The Funhouse Buy