Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
3:52pm   Happiness is Havin'  Beaver and the Trappers      SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:52pm   Happiness is Havin'  Beaver and the Trappers      SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:50pm   Fume fume fume  Les excentriques  Les Excentriques  RCA Victor  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:48pm   Till the End of the Day  The Bad Roads  Blue Girl  Jin Records  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:45pm   Taxman  The Music Machine  (Turn On) The Music Machine  Original Sound  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:42pm   Say You're Sorry  The Remains  A Session with the Remains  Sundazed  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:40pm   Now  The Paisleys  Cosmic Mind at Play  Psycho Records  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:37pm   A Man With Money  Saturday's Children  Saturday's Children  Sundazed  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:34pm   Lights  Kings Verses  Kings Verses  BeatRocket  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:32pm   Kissy Face  The Maze  Armageddon  Sundazed  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:32pm   Inside Outside  The Knaves  Leave Me Alone!  Sundazed  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:26pm   I'm So Glad  The Litter  Distortions  Warick  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:22pm   I'm Not Like Everybody Else  The Chocolate Watchband  Inner Mystique  tower  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:19pm   I Can't Control Myself  The Troggs  The Best of The Troggs  Rhino  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:14pm   I Can Hear The Grass Grow  The Blues Magoos  Blues Magoos  Fontana  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:14pm   Hot Pastrami  The Don Caron Orchestra  We're Gonna Change The World: 60's Chicago Garage Sound of Quill Productions  Sundazed  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:12pm   Hitch Hike  The Spiders  45  Mascot  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:10pm   High Times  The Sonics  Introducing The Sonics  Beatrocket  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:05pm   Half of Wednesday  We The People  Too Much Noise  Sundazed  SAVAGE BEAT Buy
3:02pm   Got to Have Your Lovin'  Oscar & The Majestics  No Chance Baby!  Sundazed  SAVAGE BEAT Buy