Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
1:17am   Computer Blue  Prince  Purple Rain  warner bros.  The Funhouse Buy
1:16am   Forward to Death  Dead Kennedy's  Bedtime For Democracy  Alternative Tentacles  The Funhouse Buy
1:08am   Space Station # 5  Montrose  Montrose  WB  The Funhouse Buy
1:08am   Flick of the Wrist  Queen   Sheer Heart Attack  Hollywood  The Funhouse Buy
1:05am   Virgina Plain  Roxy Music  Roxy Music  ATCO  The Funhouse Buy
12:59am   Funhouse  The Stooges  The Funhouse  Elektra  The Funhouse Buy
10:51pm   Time X (feat Miss Kitten)  The Hacker  Underwater Sequence  Dark Entries  Shadow Cruising Buy
10:42pm   Slipping Again  Naked Lunch  Beyond Planets  Sub Culture Records  Shadow Cruising Buy
10:41pm   Pork Chop Express  Love Supreme  Rocquet  Tirk  Shadow Cruising Buy
10:40pm   I Got This Down  Simian Mobile Disco  Attack Decay Sustain Release  Wichita  Shadow Cruising Buy
10:28pm   Visitor  Hercules and Love Affair  Blue Songs  Moshi Moshi Records  Shadow Cruising Buy
10:24pm   Cassette Arabic  Maximillion Dunbar  Everyday  L.I.E.S.  Shadow Cruising Buy
10:16pm   Dancin  Boot & Tax  Boot & Tax  Optimo Music  Shadow Cruising Buy
10:13pm   Romatic Robot  Raudive  Obsession  Get The Curse Music  Shadow Cruising Buy
9:58pm   All In (The Interlude)  Myke Bogan  Joe Fontana  EYRST LLC  theInterlude Buy
9:57pm   45:33 (Prince Language Mix)  LCD Soundsystem  45:33  DFA  Shadow Cruising Buy
9:54pm   Snow White  Roy Woods  Snow White - Single  OVO Sound/Warner Bros.  theInterlude Buy
9:51pm   Switch  6LACK  Switch - Single  LVRN/Interscope Records  theInterlude Buy
9:47pm   Got Friends (feat. Miguel)  Goldlink  Got Friends - Single  RCA Records  theInterlude Buy
9:44pm   HEARD ABOUT US  THE CARTERS  EVERYTHING IS LOVE  S.C Enterprises  theInterlude Buy