Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
7:37pm   To Sing for You  Donovan  Catch the Wind  Hickory  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:37pm   Keep Your Head To The Sky  Earth Wind & Fire  45  Columbia  Beaches Buy
7:37pm   Waiting On You  The Pendletons  45  Slept-On  Beaches Buy
7:36pm   This Love  Bobby Oroza  45  Timmion  Beaches Buy
7:36pm   Dance Awhile  Aged In Harmony  45  Melodies  Beaches Buy
7:35pm   People Let's Communicate  Coque  45  Federa Green  Beaches Buy
7:35pm   I'm Tired Of Running Around  Young Ladies  45  Stang  Beaches Buy
7:34pm   I Like The Way You Love Me  Brenton Wood  45  Double Shot  Beaches Buy
7:34pm   Potato Salad  Friday Saturday & Sunday  45  Dig  Beaches Buy
7:31pm   Untitled  Manna Dey  Bengali Modern Songs  Odeon  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:30pm   Nothing  Kendra Morris  Single  Beaches Buy
7:27pm   Lookin' For A Love  Neil Young  Zuma  Reprise   // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:25pm   It Ain't Me Babe  Johnny Cash & June Carter  The Essential Johnny Cash  Columbia  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:20pm   Too Many Clues in This Room  Gordon Lightfoot  Summertime Dream  Reprise  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:17pm   Theme and Variations  John Fahey  Rain Forests, Oceans, and other Themes  Varrick  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:13pm   Why She's Acting This Way  Townes Van Zandt  Our Mother the Mountain  Tomato  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:08pm   Someone to watch over me  Willie Nelson  Stardust  Columbia  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:05pm   Wanderschaft - Wanderings  Popol Vuh  Das Hoheleide Sal  Wah Wah Reissue  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
6:55pm   Sundance  Jeanne Lee  Conspiracy  Earthforms  Backroad to Nowhere Buy
6:55pm   All That's Real  Circuit des Yeux / Bill Orcutt  45  Palilalia   Backroad to Nowhere Buy