Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
2:46pm   Apologise  Klein  CC  Self-Release  Cascadio Buy
2:41pm   Pharaoh  Alex Crispin  Open Submission  Constellation Tatsu  Cascadio Buy
2:25pm   Longing Hearts (I Am the Devil)  AnnaMelina & Varg  Welcoming Elegance  Northern Electronics  Cascadio Buy
2:22pm   Large Suess Plant  CV & JAB  Thoughts Of A Dot As It Travels A Surface  Shelter Press  Cascadio Buy
2:16pm   Tropics  Kaazi  Zen Travel  100% Silk  Cascadio Buy
2:10pm   Mineral Jam  Akasha System  Mineral Jam  Self-Release  Cascadio Buy
2:05pm   Rent Day  Project Pablo  Come To Canada You Will Like It  Verdicchio  Cascadio Buy
2:00pm   Missing - Ultramarine Remix  Everything But The Girl  Amplified Heart  Buzzin' Fly Records  Cascadio Buy
12:04pm   Mourn, Pray, Love, and Take Action  Kayse Jama, Stephane Stephens, Seemab Hussainni  XRAY In The Morning Buy
11:03am   Race, Privilege and Power  Rukaiyah Adams and Eric Ward  XRAY In The Morning Buy
9:01am   Mass Incarceration and Racial Justice: White Supremacy, The New Jim Crow, and Criminal Justice  Bobbin Singh and Judge Darleen Ortega  XRAY In The Morning Buy
9:01am   People of Color in Policy Decisions  Jo Ann Hardesty  XRAY In The Morning Buy
8:00am   Freedom Papers Then and Now  Shari Dunn, Adrienne Livingston and Dr. Crane  XRAY In The Morning Buy
7:00am   Karol Collymore and Jeff Selby  XRAY In The Morning Buy
4:58am   We Were Performers...In Britain   The Beatles  Anthology vol 1  Apple Records  Nocturnal Emissions Buy
4:57am   You're Not Country Anymore  The Toads  The Toads  604901 Records DK  Nocturnal Emissions Buy
4:53am   Alcohol  Fidlar  Alcohol Single  Mom + Pop Music  Nocturnal Emissions Buy
4:50am   Wide Awake  Parquet Courts  Wide Awake !  Rough Trade  Nocturnal Emissions Buy
4:43am   Meet Me in the City  Junior Kimbrough  You Better Run: The Essentials  Fat Possum Records  Nocturnal Emissions Buy
4:37am   Resurrection Blues  Otis Taylor  White African  Northernblues Music  Nocturnal Emissions Buy