Welcome To The Neighborhood

WTTN 099

8:00pm, 8-6-2016
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  • 8:12pm Charge It To The Game by Blossom on Sass (Eyrst)
  • 8:13pm Check Da Rhyme (Freestyle) by Roc C & Chali 2na on We're Baaack! (Roc C & Chali 2na)
  • 8:17pm Sketch #1 (feat. Rufus Smalltownz) by Two Planets on Procession (Two Planets)
  • 8:25pm Signed Sign Signal (feat. Quell Chris) by I, Ced on What Are We Looking For? (MoveNext Media)
  • 8:32pm It Is What It Is by Lecrae on Church Clothes 3 (Reach Records)
  • 8:37pm Gold Chains by Kevin Jeffrey on Quietly Loud (Kevin Jeffrey)
  • 8:41pm Jesus Had'a Afro by Libretto on Gangsta Jazz Vol. 2 (Liquid Beat Records)
  • 8:47pm Jawbreaker by Myke Bogan & The Last Artful, Dodgr on Rare Treat (Eyrst)
  • 8:50pm Go Lo by Calvin Valentine on Avocado Hi (Producers I Know)
  • 8:53pm Give It Up (feat. Thing Nat) by Martell Webster on Give It Up (Single) (Eyrst)
  • 8:58pm One Step by The Regiment on New World Culture (HiPNOTT Records)
  • 9:06pm Cha Cha Cha by MC Lyte on Eyes On This (First Priority Music)
  • 9:12pm Cycles (feat. Sojourn, Ocean Jade, Cardiac P, Ozay Moore) by Sundance on Cycles (Single) (Illect Recordings)
  • 9:13pm C.O.P.E. by Jarred Illiad on C.O.P.E. (Single) (Jarred Illiad)
  • 9:19pm Curfew (feat. Blossom) by Maze Koroma on Osiris - EP (Eyrst)
  • 9:24pm Perfect Day by deM atlaS on mF deM (Rhymesayers Entertainment)
  • 9:28pm Hip-Hop Soul (S.O.T.G.) by Abstract Rude on Keep the Feel: A Legacy of Hip-Hop Soul (Keep The Feel Ent.)
  • 9:33pm Big Meech by HANiF on Dance! (Despite The Pain) (Hanif Collins)
  • 9:36pm I Can't Take It (feat. Lavelle) by Notcho on I Can't Take It (Single) (Notcho)
  • 9:41pm Byrdi by Martell Webster on Byrdi (Single) (EYRST)
  • 9:45pm Newspaper Man by Constant Deviants on Omerta (Six2Six)
  • 9:48pm Fades by ZULUZULUU on What's The Price (Sound Verite Records)
  • 9:52pm Wine (feat. Homeboy Sandman) by Onry Ozzborn on Duo (Michael Martinez)
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