Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
1:54am   Khawuleza  Brawther  Endless  Balance  The Afterparty Buy
1:54am   Warehouse vs. The Ritz  House of Jazz  Battle Of the DJ's  Slip N' Slide  The Afterparty Buy
1:49am   Mad On Jazz  The Jazz Doctor  House Grooves Volume 1  House Grooves Records  The Afterparty Buy
1:46am   Stolen Moments (Dub Mix)  United Future Organization  Selections Remixed From   Verve Forecast  The Afterparty Buy
1:42am   Country Aire (This Mix)  The Underground Crew  Country Aire  Clubhouse Records  The Afterparty Buy
1:40am   Blacker Part 2  Paul Scott and Shank Thompson  Bop To The Trax's Vol. 2  Rufftrack Records  The Afterparty Buy
1:36am   Jack Me Frankie (No Return Mix)  House People  Jack Me Frankie  Underground  The Afterparty Buy
1:33am   How I Feel  Jovonn  Current Moov EP  Next Moov  The Afterparty Buy
1:29am   I Feel Weak (Mike Huckaby Dub Mix)  Eddie Fowlkes  I Feel Weak  city boy Records  The Afterparty Buy
1:27am   Besides Myself  Foremost Poets  DJ Shaheer Williams Presents The Lost Tracks EP Vol.1  Soul Groove Records  The Afterparty Buy
1:25am   Message 2 Ron (Kaay's Drum #II Bass)  Club MCM & Marshall Jefferson  Message 2 Ron  D.J. International  The Afterparty Buy
1:23am   Smove Movement  Marcus Todd  The Format EP  Kool Groove Records  The Afterparty Buy
1:20am   K.O.T. Level  Blackjack and Gwiz  Raw Oxygen Vol. 1  Oxygen Music Works  The Afterparty Buy
1:15am   Let The Beat Control  Eddie Sancho  Bass Moves  Freeze Records  The Afterparty Buy
1:10am   The Murder Track  Mike Delgado  The Murder E.P.  Release For Pleasure  The Afterparty Buy
1:06am   Dance Wit Me  Raymonda  Raw To The Core E.P.  Goldtone Records  The Afterparty Buy
1:03am   Just A Track!!  Tony V  The Hard and Deep Dj Traxx EP  defender  The Afterparty Buy
1:02am   Ain't Nothin'  Who's That? feat. Jackie Kemp  The YO-S Sampler  Yellow Orange Recoreds  The Afterparty Buy
12:45am   The Groove  Backroom Productions  DJ Shaheer Williams Presents The Lost Tracks EP Vol.1  Soul Groove  The Afterparty Buy
9:53pm   Algorithem (feat. MC Frontalot & Abstract Orchestra)  Young RJ & Mega Ran  2 Hands Up  Ne'Astra Music  Welcome to the Neighborhood Buy