Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
8:00am   The Monday Morning Show  Anthony Alvarado  xray  xray  XRAY In The Morning Buy
7:00am   Democracy Now  Amy Goodman  xray  xray  Democracy Now! Buy
3:58am   Passion Babe  Aldous Harding  Warm Chris  4AD  Hello Cruel World Buy
3:53am   Se Esta Perdiendo La Inocencia (Running Out Of Angels)  Vega  Spanish Model  Ume  Hello Cruel World Buy
3:48am   Blank Check  Christian Lee Hutson  Quitters  ANTI-  Hello Cruel World Buy
3:45am   Shameless, Shameless  Jonathan Richman  Want To Visit My Inner House  Blue Arrow  Hello Cruel World Buy
3:42am   I Don't Know  Mike Coykendall  The Dirt And The Dust  Bandpa Records  Hello Cruel World Buy
3:36am   Fast Or Slow  Blue Darling  Fast Or Slow  bandcamp  Hello Cruel World Buy
3:33am   Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head  Eef Barzelay  Fan Chosen Covers 3  bandcamp  Hello Cruel World Buy
3:29am   Ye Sleeping Knights Of Jesus  Robyn Hitchcock  I Often Dream Of Trains  Glass Fish  Hello Cruel World Buy
3:27am   If Only You Were Lonely  The Replacements  Sorry Ma Forgot To Take Out The Trash Deluxe  Rhino  Hello Cruel World Buy
3:23am   Stay (Acoustic Version)  Valerie June  The Moon And Stars Deluxe Edition  Fantasy  Hello Cruel World Buy
3:17am   Favorite Son (featuring Laura Veirs)  Blue Cranes  Voices  bandcamp  Hello Cruel World Buy
3:10am   June (edit)  Destroyer  LABYRINTHITIS  Merge  Hello Cruel World Buy
3:05am   Natural Limit  Karl Blau  Love & Harm  Spiral Valley Records  Hello Cruel World Buy
3:02am   Unraveling  Deb Talan  A Bird Flies Out  bandcamp  Hello Cruel World Buy
2:56am   Disimulando  Amor Elefante  Oriente  Amor Elefante  Get Outta Town Buy
2:53am   Trapeze  Damsel Talk  Fe Fi Fo Fum  Damsel Talk  Get Outta Town Buy
2:47am   Eu Tein  Fémina  Traspasa  Fémina  Get Outta Town Buy
2:43am   Paraguaya  Juana Molina  Halo  Crammed Discs  Get Outta Town Buy
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