In Session With ZAM ZAM SOUNDS

11:00pm, 5-13-2014
<< DeeJay Ross Island's PROFESSIONAL ECHO

I was honored to be joined live in studio with Ezra and Tracy from ZAM ZAM SOUNDS, a boutique PDX based international Dub music label. For the past 2 years Zam Zam has released 20 incredible 7" records by leading Dub artists from around the world, each release is packaged in exquisite hand made jackets. INCREDIBLE FOLKS DOING INCREDIBLE THINGS> Tune in, and LISTEN UP>  As we enter!! 

DeeJay Ross Island in session with Tracy and Ezra from Zam Zam Sounds

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  • 10:58pm No Fear Dub by RDS on 7" (Zam Zam Sounds)
  • 11:03pm Every Dub by Henry & Louis on 7" (Zam Zam Sounds)
  • 11:05pm Jah jah Never Fail I by Henry & Louis on 7" (BSI - 2001)
  • 11:09pm Jah jah Never Fail I (DUB) by Henry & Louis on 7" (BSI)
  • 11:12pm Cry Tuff by Tayo on Dubplate (Unreleased)
  • 11:23pm Warning Dub by Alter Echo & E3 on 7" (Zam Zam Sounds)
  • 11:26pm If It's Not The Police by Dub War & Infra on 7" - Forthcoming (Zam Zam Sounds)
  • 11:30pm Thru Hell Dub by DJ MADD on 7" (Zam Zam Sounds)
  • 11:33pm No Racial War Dub by Jah Warrior on 7" (Zam Zam Sounds)
  • 11:34pm No War Dub by Jah Warrior on 7" (Zam Zam Sounds)
  • 11:37pm Super Whale by Xoki & Hieronymus on 7" (Zam Zam Sounds)
  • 11:52pm Namkha by Ishan Sound on 12" (Tectonic)
  • 11:54pm Last Breath by El Mahdy Jr. on 7" - Forthcoming (Zam Zam Sounds)
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