The Sound of Pictures

Music for animation, stage, Desplat feature

4:00am, 11-15-2017
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Sound of Pictures for 11/8/17 will feature ALEXANDRE DESPLAT, Music for animation soundtracks for ANTZ and FANTASTIC MR. FOX, and stage music for THE WIZ and PROMISES PROMISES (Bacharach/David).

  • 4:01am A Good Time/Going to Nadia/Alarm at Winnards/Dog and Cows by Alexandre Desplat on Tamara Drewe (Silva Screen)
  • 4:10am High Speed French Train/Stund Expo 2004/Canis Lupus/Kristofferson's Theme/Great Harrowsford Square/Boggis, Bruce, and Bean by Alexandre Desplat on Fantastic Mr. Fox (ABKCO)
  • 4:18am Hardest Geometry Problem in the World by Mark Mothersbaugh on Rushmore (London)
  • 4:19am Nothing in this World can Stop Me Worrin Bout that Girl by The Kinks on Rushmore (London)
  • 4:21am Kite Flying Society by Mark Mothersbaugh on Rushmore (London)
  • 4:22am Rue St. Vincent by Yves Montand on Rushmore soundtrack (London)
  • 4:24am Opening Titles-Z's Theme/The Colony/Ant Revolution/Romance in Insectopia/Weaver and Azteca Flirt by Harry Greyson-Williams & John Powell on Ants (Angel)
  • 4:29am Khaki Buys Shoes/What about the Man/Ben Meets "The Man" by Craig Richie on Wonderful World (Lakeshore)
  • 4:34am Ease on Down the Road/The Feeling We Once Had by Charlie Smalls and Cast on The Wiz (Atlantic)
  • 4:40am Half as Big as Life by Jerry Orbach/Burt Bacharach/Hal David on Promises Promises (RCA Victor)
  • 4:41am Turkey Lurky Time by Burt Bacharach/Hal David/Cast on Promises Promises (RCA Victor)
  • 4:44am He's The Wizard/Y'All Got It by Charlie Smalls and Cast on The Wiz (Atlantic)
  • 4:50am Death Wish (Main Title) by Herbie Hancock on Death Wish (One Way)
  • 4:54am I'm Just Feeling It Now by Jane Kelly Williams on Ed's Next Move soundtrack (Milan)
  • 4:57am Please Take This Job by Marlon Brando & Rod Steiger on On The Waterfront (n/a)
  • 4:59am She Ate the Fly (outro) by Ed's Redeeming Qualities on Ed's Next Move (Milan)
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