Double Bummer

Double Bummer #104

11:00pm, 11-10-2017
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This week, DJ Bob Ham is joined in studio by Tom Filepp, the musical mind behind Cars & Trains and True Deceiver. He shares tracks from his latest C&T album Fictions and plays some of the many artists that have influenced his work over the years. 

  • 11:00pm Sons of the Silent Age by David Bowie on "Heroes" (RCA)
  • 11:03pm Valerie by Broadcast on Ha Ha Sound (Warp)
  • 11:07pm Darkness by Peter Gabriel on Up (Geffen)
  • 11:14pm Burning Airlines Give You So Much More by Brian Eno on Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (Island)
  • 11:17pm Bridges by Cars & Trains on Fictions (Fake Four)
  • 11:35pm A Spoonful Weighs A Ton by The Flaming Lips on The Soft Bulletin (Warner Bros.)
  • 11:39pm Breaker by Low on Drums And Guns (Sub Pop)
  • 11:41pm The Orchids by Psychic TV on Dreams Less Sweet (Some Bizarre)
  • 11:45pm Scientific Method by Cars & Trains on Fictions (Fake Four)
  • 12:00am Sing Swan Song by Can on Ege Bamyasi (United Artists)
  • 12:04am Honky Tonk by Miles Davis on Get Up With It (Columbia)
  • 12:10am Reckoner by Radiohead on In Rainbows (XL)
  • 12:15am St. Elmo's Fire by Brian Eno on Another Green World (Island)
  • 12:18am Brief Candles by The Zombies on Odessey & Oracle (CBS)
  • 12:22am Nem Um Talvez by Miles Davis on Live-Evil (Columbia)
  • 12:25am Particles by True Deceiver on Particles (Black Box Tapes)
  • 12:46am Suzanne by Nina Simone on To Love Somebody (RCA Victor)
  • 12:50am Black Satin by Miles Davis on On The Corner (Columbia)
  • 12:56am New Histories by Cars & Trains on Fictions (Fake Four)
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