The Sound of Pictures

Highlights Terence Blanchard, Mark Mothersbaugh, Adrian Younge's cinematic soul, Badalamenti/Lynch work plus more

4:00am, 11-15-2017
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This week's episode of THE SOUND OF PICTURES (movie music program on Weds 4-5am and archive stream anytime) will highlight the Americana sounds of Spike Lee's SHE HATE ME with music by Terence Blanchard, a sound montage from Luc Besson's LUCY, supernatural horror trax, Mark Mothersbaugh does THOR, the cinematic soul of ADRIAN YOUNGE, a new Philip Glass soundtrack to JANE, some Angelo Badalamenti/David Lynch work, some new Randy Newman solo piano score to THE MEYEROWITZ STORY, a little bit of video game music from TOOTH AND TAIL, and of course some surprises.

  • 4:02am “Chase Edgar” by Charlie Clouser on Jigsaw soundtrack (Lakeshore)
  • 4:05am Parade by Mark Mothersbaugh on Thor soundtrack (Hollywood Records)
  • 4:07am Main Title/Harold’s Theme/Harold and the Curator by Randy Newman on THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES (NEW AND SELECTED) (LKS)
  • 4:10am Lucy Montage 3 by Luc Besson/Eric Serra on Various Montages (n/a)
  • 4:13am It's A Trap by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein on Stranger Things 2 TV Series (Lakeshore & Invada Records)
  • 4:18am Opening Title by Terence Blanchard on She Hate Me soundtrack (Silva Screen)
  • 4:21am John Robert Matz Waltz of the KSR/Hyperduck Soundworks Who Becomes the Meat by Austin Wintory on Tooth and Tail video game soundtrack (Varese Sarabande)
  • 4:24am Grandmaster’s Chambers/Where Am I by Mark Mothersbaugh on Thor soundtrack (Marvel Music & Hollywood Records)
  • 4:32am Sound of a Man by Adrian Younge on Something About April soundtrack (Wax Poetics)
  • 4:35am Black Noise by Adrian Younge on The Electronique Void (Linear Labs)
  • 4:37am Mother/Hugo Arrives by Philip Glass on JANE performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (Sony Classical)
  • 4:42am Familiar Shapes by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein on STRANGER THINGS 2 TV series soundtrack (Lakeshore & Invada Records)
  • 4:46am Joe Kidd Main Title 1972 / Brubaker Theme 1980 by Lalo Schifrin on My Life in Music (Aleph)
  • 4:52am Country Theme by ANGELO BADALAMENTI on The Straight Story soundtrack (Windham Hill)
  • 4:55am Stick Fight (with sound effects) by John Barry on Game of Death/Night Games (Silva Screen)
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