Heavy Metal Sewïng Cïrcle

201 - Cannibal Corpse giveaway

10:00pm, 11-15-2017
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  • 9:59pm Main Title by Jerry Goldsmith on Runaway (Varese Sarabande)
  • 10:06pm Money (That's What I Want) by The Beatles on On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 2 (Apple)
  • 10:09pm My Love Is Strong by Emitt Rhodes on Mirror (Dunhill)
  • 10:12pm X*M/Starship by Jefferson Starship on Blows Against The Empire (RCA)
  • 10:20pm Open My Eyes by Nazz on Nuggets (Sire)
  • 10:22pm I'm On The Lamb by The Stalk-Forrest Group on The Stalk-Forrest Group (Blank)
  • 10:30pm Love Theme From KISS by KISS on KISS (Casablanca)
  • 10:32pm The Rock Drill by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band on The Rock Drill (Mountain)
  • 10:36pm The Riot of Out Time by Scorpions on Taken By Force (RCA)
  • 10:40pm Another Life by Iron Maiden on Killers (Harvest)
  • 10:46pm Grinder by Judas Priest on British Steel (Columbia)
  • 10:47pm 20 Buck Spin by Pentagram on Relentless (Peaceville)
  • 10:53pm Turn Up The Night by Black Sabbath on Mob Rules (Warner Bros)
  • 10:58pm Waiting For Darkness by Ozzy Osbourne on Bark At The Moon (CBS)
  • 11:06pm A Dangerous Meeting by Mercyful Fate on Don't Break The Oath (Combat)
  • 11:12pm Marching Sapphroyites by Mace on Metal Massacre V (Metal Blade)
  • 11:16pm Die by the Sword by Slayer on Show No Mercy (Metal Blade)
  • 11:21pm Forgotten in Space by Voivod on Killing Technology (Noise)
  • 11:25pm War by Judas Priest on Nostradamus (Sony/BMG)
  • 11:30pm Eternal Dreams (Pt II) by Solitude Aeturnus on Through The Darkest Hour (Eyes Like Snow)
  • 11:38pm The Shortest Straw by Metallica on ...And Justice For All (Elektra)
  • 11:44pm Annointing of Seer by High on Fire on Blessed Black Wings (Relapse)
  • 11:51pm According To Him by Craft on Fuck The Universe (Southern Lord)
  • 11:55pm Cauda Pavonis by Tribulation on Children of the Night (Century Media)
  • 11:57pm Occulum Inflame by Pestilence on Malleus Malificarum (Hammerheart)
  • 11:59pm Intro (Creation) by Vader on The Ultimate Incantation (Earache)
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