The Sound of Pictures

Harry Partch and Ennio Morricone featured this week.

4:00am, 11-22-2017
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This week on The Sound of Pictures you can hear an extended Ennio Morricone montage from    

DANGER DIABOLIK! Microtone alchemist Harry Partch will delight you with his drama ritual of

exotic patterns. Soak up the rest of the hour with a collection of movie songs balanced with movie scores.

(XRAY Weds 4 - 5am and archival streaming.)

  • 4:02am Side A excerpts by Harry Partch on And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma (CRI)
  • 4:09am Cifpetelli by Ko Shin Moon on Ko Shin Moon (AKUPHONE)
  • 4:14am Side A excerpts by Norm Nite on ROCK & ROLL Evolution or Revolution? (Laurie)
  • 4:20am Diabolic Montage and Deep Down sung by Christy by Ennio Morricone on Danger Diabolic! (Sycodelic)
  • 4:32am The Best That I Know How by Jimmie Haskell on Joyride soundtrack (Jet)
  • 4:33am Wind Up Dolls by George Crater on Out of My Head (Riverside)
  • 4:37am Semifreddo by GIANNI FERRIO on Library Of Sound Grooves: Jazz Expressions From The Italian Cinema (1963-1975) (Semi-Automatic)
  • 4:39am Realta No. 5 by STELVIO CIPRIANI on Library Of Sound Grooves: Jazz Expressions From The Italian Cinema (1963-1975) (Semi-Automatic)
  • 4:41am In My Time of Dying by See of Bees on The 78 Project (The 78 Movie Project)
  • 4:47am Love Love Love by The Feminine Complex on Six Ways To Sunday soundtrack (Will)
  • 4:48am Vyoch Tyoch Tyoch by The Barry Sisters on Six Way to Sunday soundtrack (Will)
  • 4:50am The Happy Gangster by Theodore Shapiro on Six Ways to Sunday soundtrack (Will)
  • 4:51am The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota by “Weird Al” Yankovic on UHF (Scotti Bros.)
  • 4:53am She Drives Like Crazy by “Weird Al” Yankovic on UHF (Scotti Bros.)
  • 4:55am Chocolate Lovely by Amon Tobin on Gumball 3000 soundtrack (Family)
  • 4:59am Funny Feeling by Masahiko Sato on Belladonna of Sadness soundtrack (FK)
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