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Episode 83: Tourette's

1:00am, 11-29-2017
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  • 1:00am Tourette's by Nirvana on In Utero (DGC, 1993)
  • 1:02am Whirl by The Jesus Lizard on Liar (Touch and Go, 1992)
  • 1:06am The Admiral by Shellac on At Action Park (Touch and Go, 1994)
  • 1:09am People of the Sun by Rage Against the Machine on Evil Empire (Epic, 1996)
  • 1:11am Don't Stand in Line by Pailhead on Trait (Wax Trax, 1988)
  • 1:15am Parlour Games by Six Finger Satellite on Severe Exposure (Sub Pop, 1995)
  • 1:18am Grease Box by Tad on Inhaler (Giant, Mechanic, 1993)
  • 1:22am Can I Run by L7 on Hungry For Stink (Slash, 1994)
  • 1:26am Yuri-G by PJ Harvey on Rid of Me (Island, 1993)
  • 1:30am Here Come the Rome Plows by Drive Like Jehu on Yank Crime (Interscope, 1994)
  • 1:36am Entirely Different Matters by Unwound on New Plastic Ideas (Kill Rock Stars, 1994)
  • 1:38am 7 X 4 X 1 by Circus Lupus on Solid Brass (Dischord, 1993)
  • 1:40am My Friend Goo by Sonic Youth on Goo (DGC, 1990)
  • 1:43am No Backrub by Bikini Kill on Reject All American (Kill Rock Stars, 1996)
  • 1:45am Tilted by Sugar on Beaster (Rykodisc, 1993)
  • 1:49am Mailman by Soundgarden on Superunknown (A&M, 1994)
  • 1:54am Got Me Wrong by Alice In Chains on Sap (Columbia, 1992)
  • 1:58am Last Exit by Pearl Jam on Vitalogy (Epic, 1994)
  • 2:02am Star 69 by R.E.M. on Monster (Warner Bros, 1994)
  • 2:05am Support System by Liz Phair on Whip-Smart (Matador, Atlantic, 1994)
  • 2:08am Do You Love Me Now? by The Breeders on Last Splash (4AD, 1993)
  • 2:11am Lucky by Radiohead on OK Computer (Capitol, 1997)
  • 2:15am Snail by The Smashing Pumpkins on Gish (Caroline, 1991)
  • 2:21am Rotting Piñata by Sponge on Rotting Piñata (Work, 1994)
  • 2:26am Let Me Know by Dig on Dig (Radioactive, 1993)
  • 2:29am Plump by Hole on Live Through This (DGC, 1994)
  • 2:32am Winn Coma by Boss Hog on Boss Hog (DGC, 1995)
  • 2:34am Same Dress New Day by Tripping Daisy on I Am an Elastic Firecracker (Island, 1995)
  • 2:38am Heaven is a Truck by Pavement on Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (Matador, 1994)
  • 2:40am Not a Friend by Sebadoh on Bakesale (Sub Pop, 1994)
  • 2:46am The Source by Built to Spill on There's Nothing Wrong With Love (Up, 1994)
  • 2:50am Greatest of All Time by Archers of Loaf on Vee Vee (Alias, 1995)
  • 2:53am Mower by Superchunk on On the Mouth (Matador, 1993)
  • 2:59am River Euphrates by Pixies on Surfer Rosa (4AD, 1988)
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