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Henry Mancini to Oh Brother Where Art Thou

4:00am, 12-20-2017
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This week on the SOUND OF PICTURES is a well-balanced, and colorful exchange of movie songs and scores.

Spanning 1960's Euro espionage and San Francisco crime to the deep South depression era, Oh Brother...

  • 4:02am Charade Main Title/Bateau Mouche by Henry Mancini on Charade (RCA)
  • 4:04am Ice Pick Mike by Lalo Schifrin on Bullitt (Aleph)
  • 4:09am Montage from the motion picture - NOISE MONTAGE by Philip Johnston, music – Tim Robbins monologue on Movie Remix (n/a)
  • 4:12am Snow Dome Dreams by Angelo Badalamenti on SECRETARY (Lionsgate)
  • 4:17am Lady Lady Lady by George Moroder (music) & Joe Esposito (vocal) on Call Me By Your Name out (Madison Gate & Sony Classical)
  • 4:20am Hospital Pursuit by Bear McCreary on Happy Death Day (Back Lot Music)
  • 4:26am Snails by Woody Allen & Tracey Ullman on Small Time Crooks (n/a)
  • 4:29am Abraxas The Sunlit Garden by Music by Shimkichi Mitsumune on UTENA MOVIE: ADOLESCENCE OF UTENA REVOLUTIONARY GIRL (Geneon/Pioneer )
  • 4:32am April 28 by Thomas Newman on THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE (Sony Classical)
  • 4:33am Mud by Nathan Larson on A Walk in the Woods (VS)
  • 4:35am Ev’rybody Want to be a Cat by Keith Ferreira & Company (Helena Blackman, Paul Felch) on THE ESSENTIAL DISNEY COLLECTION – STARS OF THE LONDON STAGE (Silva Screen)
  • 4:39am I Wanna Be Like You by Herbie Russ & Keith Ferreira on THE ESSENTIAL DISNEY COLLECTION – STARS OF THE LONDON STAGE (Silva Screen)
  • 4:46am Their Pie/Herbert’s Story by Mark Orten on Nebraska (Milan)
  • 4:50am Chasing the Golfers by Rolfe Kent on Sideways (New Line)
  • 4:52am Wave Goodbye by Ugly Casanova on 180 Degrees South (Brushfire)
  • 4:54am He’s in the Jailhouse Now by The Soggy Bottom Boys on O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Mercury)
  • 4:57am Oh Death by Ralph Stanley and John Hartford on O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Mercury)
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