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DJ Flash Gordon Quarterback New York Jets, subs.

1:00am, 12-20-2017
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  • 1:04am State of Shock by The Ex on Scrabbling at the Lock (Alternative Tenticals)
  • 1:08am We Blame Chicago by 90 Day Men on To Everybody (Southern)
  • 1:13am Slice Where You Live Like Pie by Don Caballero on What Burns Never Returns (Touch n Go)
  • 1:18am moving with momentom by Trenchmouth on The Broadcasting System (Skene!)
  • 1:22am Sex Bomb by Flipper on Generic (Subterreanean)
  • 1:30am California's Falling Into the Ocean by 100 Flowers on 100 Flowers (Happy Quid)
  • 1:34am Anthrax by Gang of Four on Entertainment (WB)
  • 1:40am have you never been mellow by feeders on ever feel like killing your boss (brocken reckids)
  • 1:42am Holiday In Cambodia by Dead Kennedys on Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables (Cherry Red)
  • 1:48am john e. smoke by butthole surfers on hairway to steven (Touch and Go)
  • 1:51am Romeos Reinvention by Colossal Yes on Loosen the Lead and Spoil the Dog (Jackpot)
  • 1:56am Pull the Curtains by Grandaddy on excerpts from the diary of ted zilla (devil in the woods)
  • 2:02am Tundra/Desert by Modest Mouse on This is a long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About (Up)
  • 2:07am Something To Do by Track Star on Lion Destroys the whole world (Turn)
  • 2:14am 5000 watts of goodwill by The Nation of Ulysses on plays Pretty for Baby (Dischord)
  • 2:16am Kerosene by Big Black on Atomizer (Touch and Go)
  • 2:23am Blockbuster by The Jesus Lizard on Pure (Touch and Go)
  • 2:28am hunt the she beast by No Means No on Ooooops wrong stereotype (alternative tentacles)
  • 2:31am Arboretum by Unwound on Nu Plastic Ideas (Kill Rock Stars)
  • 2:37am Sandwiched by Fibulator on Drank From The Asphalt (Electro Motive)
  • 2:46am Jan 9 by Dog Faced Hermans on Hum of Life (Mississippi Records)
  • 2:49am Social Love 1 by The Gits on Entering: The Conquering Chicken (Brocken Records)
  • 2:51am Sraping Willows by Vomit Launch on Exiled Sandwich (Rat Box)
  • 2:55am Every Time I'm With You by dangermouse, sparklehorse, and suzanne vega on dark night of the soul (capitol)
  • 2:58am Wand by Tristeza on A Colores (Gravity)
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