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Film composer Elliot Goldenthal feature.

4:00am, 1-3-2018
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Film music from THE SOUND OF PICTURES on Weds. 4-5am and streaming.

On Wed. Jan. 3, 2018, Host of the Sound of Pictures, Tom Skelly will delivery his customary 15 minute feature of film music. This week Elliot Goldenthal is the subject and will include some of his Academy Award winning score from FRIDA, as well as some of his music from HEAT, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE and more. Rounding out the show will be a montage from the Coen's Bros. HAIL CEASAR!, music from Scorsese's GANGS OF NEW YORK, and more. No RSVP's required.

  • 4:01am Dark Moon, High Tide by Afro Celt Sound System on Gangs of New York soundtrack (Interscope)
  • 4:04am Tango: Main Theme “Tango Del Atardecer by Lalo Schifrin / Mirian Conti on LALO SCHIFRIN PIANO WORKS MIRIAN CONTI (Grand Piano)
  • 4:13am Entrada/Shootout by Elliot Goldenthal on HEAT soundtrack (WB)
  • 4:15am The Suicide of Dorothy Hale/La Cavalera/Burning Bed by Elliot Goldenthal on FRIDA (DG)
  • 4:18am Appellatron/Scytheoplicity by Elliot Goldenthal on In Dreams soundtrack (VSD)
  • 4:21am Lestat’s Recitative by Elliot Goldenthal on INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE (Geffen)
  • 4:24am Tribute & Sufferage/ Pickled Heads/Mad Ole Titus by Elliot Goldenthal on TITUS soundtrack (SK)
  • 4:31am Traveling To Spain by Nitin Sawhney on BREATHE soundtrack (VS)
  • 4:33am Hospital Escape/Access-A-Ride by Oneohtrix Point Never on GOOD TIME soundtrack (Warp)
  • 4:37am Walking in L.A. by Scott Spock & Corky James on WALK OF SHAME soundtrack (Lakeshore)
  • 4:39am Gospel Tram by Silver Leaf Quartet on GANGS OF NEW YORK soundtrack (Interscope)
  • 4:45am Hail Ceasar! Montage by Joel & Ethan Coen on Hail Ceasar! (n/a)
  • 4:46am Mrs. Throad Goes Walking by Ron Geesin & Roger Waters on Music from “THE BODY” (EMI)
  • 4:47am Band Practice by Eats Tapes on DOS MUTANTES (Tigerbeat 6)
  • 4:56am A Family in Here by Hot Chip on Over And Over (Astralwerks)
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