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1:00am, 6-25-2018
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The Gothique Boutique has premiere Synth Witch material, new Alice Glass, and Marilyn Manson covering a famous song from The Lost Boys motion picture soundtrack. The Horrors come to town this week, and we've got one of their electro- bonus tracks.   

We also have a small gem from Dead Animal Assembly Plant, who will play one of their last Portland shows for a while at The Paris Theater this week with Photona. 

 Plus lots of Post-Solstice summery songs from Black Marble, Cocteau Twins, 2raumwohnung, Prayers, Brian Bennett, Lenore., and Swans. 

Photo: Maila Nurmi as Vampira.

  • 1:02am An Hymn For Them All by We Are The Line on Songs of Light & Dark (La Ligne)
  • 1:07am Hotel Sunshine-Nacht by 2raumwohnung on Nacht & Tag (It Sounds)
  • 1:09am Unilateral by N3voa on Heart Of Stone (Diego Bittencourt/self released)
  • 1:15am Others by I Think I Broke Something on Add Spikes On Top (JST Records)
  • 1:19am Gothic Summer by Prayers on Gothic Summer (Nite Ritual)
  • 1:22am Solstice by Brian Bennett on Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk) (Bucks Music Group)
  • 1:33am In Between by Synth Witch on In Between (single) (self released)
  • 1:37am The White Crow by Eric Schlappi on Kurald Emerlahn (Baby Tooth)
  • 1:39am I'm Afraid Of Americans (David Bowie Cover by Slighter on Covers EP (Confusion Inc.)
  • 1:44am Fire Escape by The Horrors on Fire Escape/Raindrop (bonus tracks) (Wolf Tone Limited)
  • 1:48am Say U Love Me by Cat Hoch on Say U Love Me (single) (self released)
  • 1:54am Make Love by KMFDM on Electronic Saviors Volume IV: Retaliation (Metropolis)
  • 1:58am Blue Neck Riviera by No Joy on Wait To Pleasure (Mexican Summer/Wolf Tone)
  • 2:03am Darkness Above by We Are The Line on Songs of Light & Darkness (La Ligne Productions)
  • 2:08am Limbs by BONES on Limbs (self released)
  • 2:12am Transhuman Toy/What Am I by Adacta on Enter The Madhouse (self released)
  • 2:19am In Furnace by Dead Animal Assembly Plant on All My Heroes Are Dead (self released)
  • 2:21am Evil Chicks by dreDDup on Twenty But Still Thirsty (Lampshade Media)
  • 2:24am Jenkem by To Mega Theiron on Rare Unreleased, Rejected, and Resurrected (Speakerfly Productions)
  • 2:28am Overdoser by Photona on Overdoser (self released)
  • 2:32am Cry Little Sister by Marilyn Manson on Cry Little Sister (single, Gerard McMahon cover) (Loma Vista/Concord)
  • 2:39am Summerhead by Cocteau Twins on Four Calendar Cafe (Soleil Apres Minuit)
  • 2:42am Mine by Alice Glass on Mine (single) (Loma Vista Recordings)
  • 2:47am God Damn The Sun by Swans on Various Failures (Young Gods)
  • 2:49am The Sun by Lenore. on Lenore. (self released)
  • 2:53am Cruel Summer by Black Marble on A Different Arrangement (Hardly Art)
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