2:00pm, 9-8-2018

wild garage punk from australia & new zealand!

  • 2:03pm Bombora by The Atlantics on Bombora (CBS)
  • 2:06pm Meat Hook by These New South Whales on You Work For Us ( Not On Label ‎)
  • 2:09pm White Face by Los Scallywaggs on Illumination Zap (not on label)
  • 2:12pm Social End Product by The Bluestars on 7in (Allied International)
  • 2:14pm Shark Fin Blues by The Drones on Wait Long By The River And The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By (In-Fidelity Recordings )
  • 2:19pm Find Us A Way by The La De Da's on Find Us A Way (Philips, Zodiac)
  • 2:22pm Neighbour Neighbour by Chants R&B on Chants R&B (Norton)
  • 2:24pm (I'm) Stranded by The Saints on (I'm Stranded) (4 Men With Beards)
  • 2:28pm I Want, Need, Love You by The Black Diamonds on 7in (Festival)
  • 2:32pm By My Side by The Elois on 7in (in Records)
  • 2:34pm Back in the Red by The Celibate Rifles on The Celibate Rifles (Hot Records)
  • 2:36pm Nice Day To Go To The Pub by Cosmic Psychos on Glorius Barsteds (Missing Link)
  • 2:39pm Do the Pop by Radio Birdman on The Essential Radio Birdman (Sub Pop)
  • 2:42pm King of the Surf by Johnny Kannis on 7in (Dog Meat)
  • 2:46pm It's So Easy by The Easybeats on Easy (Parlophone)
  • 2:47pm Living World by The Visitors on The Visitors (Citadel)
  • 2:49pm L.S.D. by The Roadrunners on Wild Things (New Zealand Freakbeat 1966-1968) (Vostok)
  • 2:52pm No More Now by The Smoke on Wild Things (New Zealand Freakbeat 1966-1968) ( Vostok)
  • 2:54pm You're Driving Me Insane by The Missing Links on Driving You Insane (Half A Cow Records)
  • 2:57pm Last Night by Scientists on The Scientists EP (White Rider Records)
  • 3:00pm Don't You Stand In My Way by The La De Da's on 7in (Phillips)
  • 3:04pm Come See Me by Sandy Edmonds on 7in (Zodiac)
  • 3:05pm Lailani by Le Hoodoo Gurus on 7in (Phantom Records)
  • 3:09pm 25th Hour by The Lime Spiders on 7in (Green Records)
  • 3:13pm Ugly Thing by The Creatures on 7in (Top Shelf Records)
  • 3:16pm Hindu Gods (Of Love) by Lipstick Killers on 7in (Voxx Records)
  • 3:20pm This Perfect Day by The Saints on Best of the Saints (Razor)
  • 3:23pm Gremlins From The Kremlin by The Atlantics on Best of (Atlantics Music)
  • 3:24pm Wedding Ring by The Easybeats on 7in (Parlophone)
  • 3:26pm Get Out Of My Life by The Wild Cherries on That's Life (Half A Cow Records)
  • 3:28pm Whatcha Gonna Do About It? by Larry's Rebels on I Feel Good (RPM Records)
  • 3:33pm You're Gonna Miss Me by Tom Thumb on 7in (Action!)
  • 3:35pm Come On by The Atlantics on You Tell Me Why (Sunshine Records)
  • 3:38pm Hell Beach by Scientists on Weird Love (Numero Group)
  • 3:41pm Buried and Dead by The Masters Apprentices on Buried and Dead (Astor)
  • 3:44pm Hurting All Over by The Pleazers on Wild Things (New Zealand Freakbeat 1966-1968) (Vostok)
  • 3:46pm Milk Cow Blues by Grim LTD on How Is The Air Up There? (RPM Records)
  • 3:50pm These Boots Are Made For Walking by The Boys Next Door on Lethal Weapons (Suicide)
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