Savage Beat

POP FREAKS! SB: 01.19.19

2:00pm, 1-19-2019
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  • 2:02pm Pauvre Lola by Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg on Bonnie and Clyde (4 Men With Beards)
  • 2:06pm Le responsable by Jaques Dutronc on En Vogue (BMG France)
  • 2:07pm To Find Out by The Keggs on single (Orbit Records)
  • 2:10pm Drums A Go-Go by The Hollywood Persuaders on Swing For A Crime (GMG)
  • 2:13pm Miniskirt Blues by Flower Children on Songs The Cramps Taught Us Volume 3 (Cato Records)
  • 2:14pm The Trip by Kim Fowley on Nuggets (Rhino)
  • 2:14pm Smokes by ? and the Mysterians on The Best Of ? & The Mysterians (ABKCO)
  • 2:19pm Arabia by The Delcos on single (Showcase)
  • 2:21pm Debbie Debbie by Gary Wilson on Mary Had Brown Hair (Stones Throw Records)
  • 2:24pm Coronation by Martin Denny on Quiet Village (Liberty)
  • 2:27pm Music to Watch Space Girls By by Leonard Nimoy on Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space (DOT)
  • 2:30pm The Zoo by Mickey Lee Lane on Rockin' On... (Rollercoaster Records)
  • 2:31pm Le Petit Pain Au Chocolat by Joe Dassin on Joe Dassin (CBS)
  • 2:35pm Ganadaramabasa by Kim Jung Mi on Now (Fontana)
  • 2:38pm Rom Jongvak Twist by Pan Ron on Cambodian Rocks (Parallel World)
  • 2:41pm Caravan by Harumi on Harumi (Verve Forecast ‎)
  • 2:44pm Let Your Life Be Free by T. Zchiew & The Johnny on T. Zchiew & The Johnny (T. Zchiew)
  • 2:48pm Nine Out of Ten by Caetano Veloso on Transa (Philips)
  • 2:53pm La drogue by Daniel Beretta on WIZZZ French Psychorama 1966-1970 Volume 1 (Born Bad Records)
  • 2:57pm Adieu by Ofege on Nigeria Rock Special: Psychedelic Afro-Rock and Fuzz Funk in 1970s Nigeria (Soundway)
  • 2:57pm Que Vida E Essa by Wal Santana on Via Brazil 4 (Brasilia)
  • 3:05pm Aşkımız Bitecek by Erkin Korkay on Erkin Koray (İstanbul Plak)
  • 3:05pm Les Cactus by Jacques Dutronc on 45 (Disques Vogue)
  • 3:08pm Scorpion by The Carnations on 45 (Tilt)
  • 3:11pm Derman Bulunmaz by Ersen & Dadaslar on Istanbul 70 (nublu)
  • 3:13pm Cacique by Cacique on Peru Bravo (Funk, Soul & Psych From Peru's Radical Decade) (Tiger's Milk)
  • 3:17pm Huos Huey Bong by Poev Vanary on Cambodian Soul Sounds v 1 (Cambodian Soul Sounds)
  • 3:21pm Cantemos by Los Yetis on ¡Nadaismo A Go-Go! (Munster)
  • 3:22pm Zühtü by Esin Afşar on Odeon Yılları (Odeon Koleksiyon)
  • 3:25pm Hear Me by Golden Wing on Those Shocking Shaking Days. Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock And Funk: 1970 - 1978 (Now-Again Records)
  • 3:31pm Jeb Jing Jeb Jai by Saksiam Petchchompu, Pornsurapon Petchseethong on The Sound Of Siam Volume 2: Molam & Luk Thung Isan From North-East Thailand 1970-1982 (Soundway)
  • 3:32pm Dendang Remaja by The Hook on Pebbles v9 Indonesia pt 1 (Pebbles)
  • 3:34pm Dance With Me by The Mojo Men on Nuggets v 11 (Rhino)
  • 3:39pm High in a Room by The Smoke on High In A Room The Smoke Anthology (Sanctuary Records)
  • 3:40pm 朝まで待てない (Asamade Matenai) by The Mops on Psychedelic Sounds In Japan (Perfect Sound)
  • 3:44pm Lam Toey Chaweewan by Chaweewaan Dumern on The Sound of Siam v1 (Soundway)
  • 3:48pm Đoàn Người Lữ Thứ by Thanh Thúy & Văn Thanh & Hoàng Liêm & Thanh Mai* on Saigon Supersound (Saigon Supersound)
  • 3:53pm Everything's Alright by Outcast on Slitherama! Volume Three (Planet X)
  • 3:55pm Shape of Things to Come by Max Frost & The Troopers on Nuggets (Rhino)
  • 3:57pm "Instrumentals" Volume 1 - Part 1 by Arthur Russell on First Thought Best Thought (Audika Records)
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