2:00pm, 2-2-2019

Garage rock from Spain!!! Mostly spanning two eras: past and present. We'll begin by exploring groups from the late 60s and then move onto more contemporary indie/garage acts.

  • 2:02pm Algo Por Nada by Los Huracanes on Spanish Bombs: Punk, Garage, Noise & Psychedelia from Spain, 1965-2013 (World Rhythm)
  • 2:04pm Black is Black by Los Bravos on DECCA (1966)
  • 2:08pm Dicen by Way u Los Arrghs on ¡¡¡Viven!!! (Munster Records)
  • 2:10pm Dance "The Pulga" by Los Brincos on single (Novola)
  • 2:12pm Por Favor by Los Pepes on Los Pepes ( ViNiLiSSSiMO)
  • 2:14pm You Be by The Canaries on Flying High With The Canaries (B.T. Puppy Records)
  • 2:19pm Jabón de Azufre - Sulfer Soap by Micky Y Los Tony's on Las Favoritas De Micky Y Los Tonys (Belter)
  • 2:19pm Diciendo No by Los Flechas on single (Berta)
  • 2:21pm Nit De Llampecs by Los Relámpagos on single (Novola)
  • 2:23pm Mejor by Los Brincos on Los Brincos (Novola)
  • 2:27pm La Escoba by Los Sirex on single (Vergara)
  • 2:29pm Amor Perdido by Ramon-5 on La Ratita (Discophon)
  • 2:31pm Sin Rencor by Cefe Y Los Gigantes on Sin Rencor (Columbia)
  • 2:34pm Los Cuatro Muleros by Los Pekenikes on single (Hispavox)
  • 2:36pm Mi Yaya by Los Diapasons on single (RCA Victor)
  • 2:39pm El olé by Grupo 15 on single (Regal)
  • 2:41pm Si Mañana Sera Así by Los Brisks on Accion (Belter)
  • 2:43pm Liar, Liar by Los Iberos on single (Columbia)
  • 2:45pm Un Sorbito de Champagne by Los Brincos on Lo Mejor de los Brincos ( Dicesa)
  • 2:48pm Soy Así by Los Salvajes on Lo Mejor De Los Salvajes (Regal)
  • 2:51pm The Club by Hinds on I Don't Run (Mom + Pop)
  • 2:57pm Ley de la gravedad by Mujeres on Un Sentimiento Importante (Sonido Muchacho)
  • 2:57pm Cigarette Burns by The Parrots on Cigarette Burns (Heavenly Recordings)
  • 3:01pm El Diablo by Los Nastys on Música para el Amor Y la Guerra (El Volcán Música)
  • 3:05pm Escupe en la Tumba by Juanita y Los Feos on Nueva Numancia (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  • 3:07pm Tumba de Cristal by Futuro Terror on Precipicio (B-Core Disc)
  • 3:11pm Aguardiente by Los Vinagres on El Canto de la Morena (Sony)
  • 3:14pm Depressure by Texxcoco on Disorder (Subterfuge)
  • 3:17pm Muelle by Camellos on Arroz Con Cosas (Limbo Starr)
  • 3:21pm Cuántas Cosas por Hacer by Exnovios on Amor Droga (Ground Control)
  • 3:24pm Solar Gap by Hinds on Leave me Alone (Mom + Pop)
  • 3:24pm No Me Gustas, Te Quiero by The Parrots (Madrid) on Los Niños Sin Miedo (Heavenly)
  • 3:24pm No Me Gustas, Te Quiero by The Parrots (Madrid) on Los Niños Sin Miedo (Heavenly)
  • 3:30pm Gira by Melenas on Melenas (Dabadaba records)
  • 3:34pm Mis Entreñas by Los Wallas on Sangre, Sudor y LaGrima (Subterfuge Records)
  • 3:36pm La Constitución by Terrier on Algo para Romper (Sonido Muchacho)
  • 3:39pm Mediocridad y Confort by Biznaga on Sentido del Espectáculo (Slovenly)
  • 3:42pm Nocturno by Cuchillo de Fuego on Megavedra (Humo)
  • 3:47pm Coca Coca Revolution by Aullido Atómico on Decadencia (self release)
  • 3:50pm Siento Ardor by Los Bengala on Año Selvático (self release)
  • 3:52pm Blisters on my Teeth by Kings of the Beach on Super Awkward, Fucking Awesome ( Ciudad Oasis)
  • 3:52pm Cerveza Beer by Las Ruinas on Disco de Autoayuda para Mutantes (Siete Señoritas Gritando)
  • 3:58pm Antigua Pero Moderna by Novedades Carminha on Juventud Infinita (Ernie Records)
4:23am, 1-20-2020
Thank you for such wonderful music. I first heard you in one of the clubs in London and fell in love. My friends and I then used the London Night Guide ( www.londonnightguide.com/) for the first time and we were very impressed what high-quality establishment had chosen for us, maximally matching the requested parameters for the table price and the average bill. And, of course, with amazing music.
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