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Authenticity Matters 06/13/19

12:00pm, 6-13-2019
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Authenticity Matters” is a 30-minute program hosted by Jen Coyne. 

Each episode of Authenticity Matters will focus on a different facet of authenticity and how it plays out in both personal life and professional organizations. Jennifer will welcome guests each episode who have transformed their lives and / or organizations with authenticity and intention being at the forefront. 

This Episode, our first show, is "Why Authenticity Matters". This episode focuses on the definition of Authenticity; covers the science and research around authenticity in the workplace as well as the effects of being authentic on happiness and personal fulfillment. This episode includes perspectives on authenticity from several individuals in the Vancouver/Portland community. 

Host Biography: Jennifer (Jen) Coyne is a consultant, coach, trainer, and speaker focusing on improving organizational cultures and helping people find and live their most authentic life. Jennifer spent the last decade focusing on discovering her authentic self and living with intention. After careers in accounting and high tech that spanned more than two decades, she co-founded a consulting, training, and coaching company with Authenticity being one of its core values. She has become a champion for changing organizations to focus more on People and Purpose. 

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