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Let’s Get Connected: Improving Digital Access in the Portland Region

12:00pm, 6-21-2019
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At work, in your community, even getting together with family and friends—so much of what we do depends on fast, reliable internet service. Right now we're at a crossroads. City of Portland and Multnomah County leaders are choosing different paths that will determine how our devices connect to the world. Is 5G the future? What about municipal broadband? Are both possible?

Join us at Friday Forum to learn more about municipal broadband and 5G technology from local experts. They'll share their perspectives on the benefits of each approach to internet access and what we can do to ensure net neutrality and privacy protections. 

These decisions about our digital future are being made right now by our local governments. You don't want to miss this opportunity to have your voice heard.


Michael Hanna is a data engineer, alchemist, post-carbon economy trailblazer, and dreamer.  He has worked with digital networks, natural networks, and human networks for his entire adult career in both the private and public sector, and has been working with local governments and community-based organizations to improve the lives of the human residents and other living beings of the Portland Metro area since 2000. When not being a data / natural world / political geek, he spends his time out in wild places and in uncharted territory as much as possible.


Elisabeth Perez is Mayor Wheeler’s operations director and serves as the lead on innovation and technology. She earned her Master of Science in disaster resilience from Tulane University and applies the principles of emergency management and community resilience in her daily work. She has been instrumental in the development of City policy increasing protections for information/data privacy and security and facilitating a partnership with PSU and PGE to develop the PREPHub pilot, a first of its kind disaster resilience node composed of technological services. She continues to lead the Mayor’s office in the regulation of 5G to best serve to all those who live, work, and play in Portland.


Marissa Madrigal grew up in Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Ridgefield, Washington. She earned credits from Clark College while still in high school and entered the University of Washington at 18 holding junior status. After graduating with a degree in zoology, she began writing and publishing a local magazine. Marissa holds a master’s in security studies from the Naval Postgraduate School and brings deep knowledge in finance, operations, and personnel management. She is active across the community and a frequent Friday Forum moderator.
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