Welcome To The Neighborhood

WTTN 233 - Young RJ / Qing Qi / Mic Check 3 Years Strong

8:00pm, 6-22-2019
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  • 8:03pm Needy (feat. DJ Fadewell) by Phalo Pantoja and Moemaw Naedon on Hard Head Mush Brain (Carcosa Musik/Soul Slime Records)
  • 8:08pm Get Dis Money (Amerigo Gazaway Remix) by Slum Village on Get Dis Money (Amerigo Gazaway Remix) (Amerigo Gazaway)
  • 8:17pm Hold Tight (feat. Q-Tip) [Lost Remix] by Slum Village on The Lost Scrolls, Vol. 2 (Slum Village Edition) (Ne'Astra Music)
  • 8:23pm I Know (feat. Guilty Simpson & Phat Kat) by Young RJ on The Detroit Project (Ne' Astra Music)
  • 8:28pm S.W.A.N. (feat. Xavier Omär) by Bobby Feeno on A Late February (Mass Appeal)
  • 8:34pm Push It Along feat. Phife Dog by Slum Village on Yes (Ne'Astra Music)
  • 8:38pm Super (Vitamin D Remix) by Vursatyl on Crooked Straights (BBE)
  • 8:43pm Cloud Surfin (feat. Kaila Love) by Call Me Ace on Airplane Mode (Light Armor Music, LLC)
  • 8:46pm Fireflies by Gepetto on Fireflies EP (Gepetto Music)
  • 8:50pm Home (feat. Tony Ozier) by 80's Babies on Home (Single) (80's Babies Entertainment)
  • 8:53pm Safe (Feat. Vursatyl, Silas Blak & LMNO) by The Gigantics on Die Already (Camobear Records)
  • 8:56pm Lay Low (feat. Mal London) by Sammy on Lay Low (Single) (Sammy)
  • 9:04pm Truth (feat. Alicia Keys & The Last Artful, Dodgr) by Mark Ronson on Late Night Feelings (Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited)
  • 9:07pm Positive Vibes 2 (feat. Jered Sanders & Survey Singh) by Call Me Ace on Airplane Mode (Light Armor Music, LLC)
  • 9:12pm Everybody (feat. Andre 3000 & Kanye West) by Fonzworth Bently on Everybody (Single) (Bentley)
  • 9:18pm Too Much (feat. Keely) (prod. by J Dilla & Young RJ) by Slum Village on Yes (Ne'Astra Music)
  • 9:21pm It All Depends (feat. JFK Ninjaface) by Onry Ozzborn on Duo (Fake Four Inc.)
  • 9:26pm Chip Away (feat. Mic Capes & Vinnie Dewayne) by Serge Severe on Chip Away (Single) (Serge Severe)
  • 9:30pm Murder [Prod. by Theory Hazit] by Vursatyl on Murder (Single) (Vursatyl)
  • 9:33pm Brainstorm by Gepetto on Brainstorm (Single) (Gepetto Music)
  • 9:36pm HER Love (feat. Daniel Caesar) by Common on HER Love (feat. Daniel Caesar) - Single (Common)
  • 9:43pm The Struggle (feat. Vursatyl) by Libretto & Buscrates on Eternal Ridin' (Liquid Beat Records)
  • 9:47pm Hot Like A Sauna (feat. Big Daddy Kane, Lady Of Rage & Raposdy) by Connie Price & The Keynotes on Lucas High (A Man Called Horse)
  • 9:52pm Mr. Gusto by Vursatyl on The Style Junkie Chronicles 7 inch (Quannum Projects)
  • 9:54pm That New York *ish (feat. Mr. Cheeks) by INTRO on That New York *ish (Single) (POE Digital)
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