Ballin' The Jack

Soul Night (Nigth) Eldorado & special guest Jonathan Toubin

9:00pm, 9-15-2019
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  • 9:00pm Mr Airplane Man by Howlin Wolf on Best (Chess)
  • 9:06pm Tell Me Mama by Little Walter on The Best (Chess)
  • 9:08pm Love me With a Feeling by Magic Sam on 7 (Cobra)
  • 9:10pm 96 Tears by Big Maybelle on &" (Rojac)
  • 9:13pm Cat Squirrel by Dr. Ross on Call the Doctor (Testament )
  • 9:16pm Let's Kiss and Make Up by The Falcons on 7" (Atlantic)
  • 9:17pm Cherokee Dance by Bob Landers with Willie Joe & His Unitar on 7" (Specialty)
  • 9:20pm Chains of Love by JJ Barnes on 7 (Groovesville)
  • 9:22pm Well! by The Olympics on DEMON (45 - 1958)
  • 9:25pm Sexy Ways by Hank Ballard on Greatest Juke Box Hits (King)
  • 9:29pm where's my money? by willie jones on 7 (R&B Gold)
  • 9:32pm I Got To Have You by Little Ann on Deep Shadows (Timmion)
  • 9:34pm That's What I Want to Know by James Carr on 7 (Flashback)
  • 9:36pm Good Time by Hannibal on Hannibalism (Norton)
  • 9:38pm Ain't Broke Ain't Hungry by Polka Dot Slim on 7 (Instant)
  • 9:41pm Wine Women Whiskey by Papa Lightfoot on 7 (Imperial)
  • 9:44pm Pleadin' by Mercy Baby on 7 (Ric)
  • 9:46pm The Drag by Ike and Dee Dee Johnson on 7 (Innis)
  • 9:48pm Jenny Jenny by Little Richard on 7 (Specialty)
  • 9:51pm Rubber Biscuit by The Chips on 45 (Josie Records)
  • 9:53pm Little Demon by Screamin' Jay Hawkins on 7 (Memory Lane)
  • 9:54pm Let it All Hang Out by Lonnie Brooks on 7 (Chess)
  • 9:57pm Hogwash by Earnest Jackson on 7 (Stone)
  • 9:59pm Show Me What You Got by King Coleman on - (Big Apple)
  • 10:05pm I'm Gonna be a Wheel Someday by Fats Domino on 7 (Imperial)
  • 10:07pm So In Need by Little Bob and the Lollipops on _ (Mississippi)
  • 10:09pm Dancin' Man by Ernie K Doe on 7 (Duke)
  • 10:11pm Strange Things by Curtis Knight and Jimi Hendrix on Get That Feeling (Capitol)
  • 10:14pm Harlem by Bill Withers on 7 (Sussex)
  • 10:18pm Push Em Up by Ural Thomas on 7 (Mississippi)
  • 10:25pm Do the Dog Funk by Isaac Clark on 7 (Miro)
  • 10:27pm (Play Me) A Cornbread Song by Joe Maywood on 7 (Kent)
  • 10:30pm Greenwood Mississippi by Little Richard on 7 (Reprise)
  • 10:32pm She Made a Mistake by Connie Austin on 7 (King)
  • 10:34pm Get Your Hat by John & Carol on 7 (Botone)
  • 10:36pm Hot Buns Part 2 by Willie Baby on 7 (Ding Dong)
  • 10:38pm The Queen by Big Ella on 7 (Rush)
  • 10:45pm Westbound Train by Dennis Brown on 45 (Observers)
  • 10:48pm Do You Still Love Me by Cookie Jackson on 7 (Progress)
  • 10:49pm Pig Knuckles by Roc Marciano on 7 (Motown)
  • 10:52pm Wait Until it Happens to You by Peppermint Morris on 7 (Jewel)
  • 10:53pm Stop by Camille "Lil" Bob on 7 (Le Louisiaane)
  • 10:56pm Forty Love Street by Randolph Walker on 7 (Chant)
  • 10:57pm Shoe Shine Pt 1 by The Presidents on 7 (Hollywood)
  • 11:00pm So Many Days by The Vonns on 7 (King)
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