DJFGQBNYJs Presents: What I Like

What I Like With DJ Flash Gordon Quarterback New York Jets- my feelings show!!

4:00pm, 9-23-2019
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Lots of music to show how I'm feeling today. No Nico. I miss Neal.

  • 4:00pm One Evening by The Jesus Lizard on Head (Touch and Go)
  • 4:00pm Message Received by Unwound on Repetition (Kill Rock Stars)
  • 4:06pm Im not playing with you by Fugazi on Repeater (Dischord)
  • 4:13pm Summer time by Crimpshrine on Duct tape Soup (Lookout)
  • 4:17pm Heavy Metal Drummer by Wilco on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (Nonesuch)
  • 4:20pm Contrast beneath the Surface by TrenchMouth on The Broadcasting System (Skene)
  • 4:26pm Bens Radio by Sun City Girls on Funerl Mariach (Abduction)
  • 4:29pm Half Life by Dub Narcotic on Maximum arcole (k)
  • 4:37pm Human Spark by Dog Faced Hermans on those deep buds (alternative tenticals)
  • 4:41pm I don't want to push it by Sonic Youth on Sonic Youth (Neutral)
  • 4:45pm You Gotta Lose by Obits on Moody, Standard and Poor (Sub Pop)
  • 4:49pm whats going on by husker du on Zen Arcade (SST)
  • 4:58pm Lay of the Land by The Fall on Wonderful and frightening world of... (Beggers Banquet)
  • 5:02pm Pressure inside by B Boys on Dudu (Captured)
  • 5:04pm Bad Mood Tonight by Youth Bitch on Don't Fuck this Up (Jonny Cat Records)
  • 5:06pm Goin Down by Dinosaur Jr. on Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not (Jagjaguwar)
  • 5:17pm Ulrike by Chumbawumba on Slap (Alternative Tenticals)
  • 5:19pm Revolution Van by Get Hustle on Rollin In The Ruins (Three One G)
  • 5:25pm Come Out of the Rain by Demolition Dollrods on Tasty (In The Red)
  • 5:29pm Psychodelic Nightmare by Deadmoon on Nervous Sooner Changes (Tombstone Records)
  • 5:34pm 99 Red Balloons by 7 Seconds on Walk Together, Rock Together (Better Youth Organization)
  • 5:38pm The Devil Is A Snake by Help on Help (self-released)
  • 5:40pm Meet me at the waterfront after the social by Blood brothers on March on the electric Children (Three.one.g)
  • 5:44pm Complaints about the food by micro Magnesia on Micro Magnesia and Either (Either Brother Music)
  • 5:49pm Speed Trials by Elliott Smith on Either/Or (Kill Rock Stars)
  • 5:52pm Dummy Discards A Heart by Deerhoof on Apple O' (Kill Rock Stars)
  • 5:53pm All now by The 45s on get it together (imposible)
  • 5:57pm Musiciwa silt by The Ex on Getaatchew Mekuria (Terp)
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