2:00pm, 10-26-2019
  • 2:11pm Voodoo Woman by Curtis Knight on single (Gulf)
  • 2:11pm Werewolf Watusi by Don Hinson & The Rigamorticians on Monster Dance Party (Capitol)
  • 2:15pm The Ghoul by Jack Marshall on single (Captiol)
  • 2:19pm Haunted House by Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs on single (MGM)
  • 2:22pm Frankenstein's Party by The Swingin' Phillies on single (DeLuxe)
  • 2:28pm I Was A Teenage Werewolf by The Cramps on Songs The Lord Taught Us (IRS)
  • 2:28pm The Blob by The Five Blobs on 45 (Columbia)
  • 2:30pm Ghastly Stomp by The Ghastly Ones on Dare To Go-Go Ghostly With The Ghastly Ones (Zombie A Go-Go Records )
  • 2:33pm Witchy Woman by The Hollies on Romany (Polydor)
  • 2:35pm Mr. Werewolf by The Kac-Ties on Wolf Call (Norton)
  • 2:40pm Do the Zombie by The Symbols on Beat from Badsville Vol. 2 (Stag-o-Lee )
  • 2:40pm Hearse With a Curse by The Weirdos and the voice of Mr. Gasser on Rods n' Ratfinks (Capital Records)
  • 2:44pm Corpse Grinder by The Meteors on Best Of... (Cleopatra)
  • 2:46pm Night of the Phantom by Larry & The Blue Notes on Back from the Grave v. 1 (Crypt)
  • 2:48pm Graveyard Rock by Tarantula Ghoul on Horror Hop (Buffalo Bop)
  • 2:50pm The Werewolf by Carl Bonafede & The Gemtones on 45 (Tek Records)
  • 2:53pm Don't Meet Mr. Frankenstein by Carlos Casal, Jr on Monster Bop (Buffalo Bop)
  • 2:55pm Igor's Party by Tony's Monstrosities on 7 (Crypt)
  • 2:57pm Skeleton Fight by Mack Allen Smith on 45 (Statue Records)
  • 3:01pm Watusi Zombie by Jan Davis on Single (Holiday)
  • 3:05pm War by bruce haack on the Electric Lucifer (columbia)
  • 3:05pm dark was the night cold was the ground by blind willie johnson on Dark Was The Night (Columbia)
  • 3:09pm stalkin' by duane eddy on 45 (jamie)
  • 3:11pm Frankenstein Rock by Eddie Thomas on Monster Rock n Roll (Crypt)
  • 3:14pm Dracula's Deuce by The Ghouls on Dracula's Deuce (Capitol Records)
  • 3:15pm Sleepy Hollow by The Last Word on 45 (Downey Records)
  • 3:20pm Psycho by Bob Hocko & The Swamp Rats on Disco Still Sucks! (Get Hip)
  • 3:25pm Limb from Limbo Rock by John Zacherle on Monster Mash (Parkway)
  • 3:25pm Vampiro by Satan's Pilgrims on Plymouth Rock (Musick)
  • 3:26pm There's Always Room on the Broom by Liars on They Were Wrong, So We Drowned (Mute Records)
  • 3:26pm Monster in Black Tights by Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages on Til the Following Night (Rollercoaster)
  • 3:33pm The Mummy by The Naturals on single (ERA)
  • 3:33pm Marble Orchard by The Graveyard Five on 45 (Stance)
  • 3:37pm Play The Mummy Walk (Walking Death) by Contrails on Halloween Nuggets (Rockbeat)
  • 3:39pm Moon Shot by Kenny & the Fiends on single (Princess)
  • 3:41pm The Devil, My Conscience and I by Billy Barton on Twisted Tales from the Vinyl Wastelands (Trailer-Park)
  • 3:45pm Janie Made A Monster by The Fabulous Five on Haunted Halloween v2 (Red Devil Records)
  • 3:48pm Grave Yard Creep by James Duhon on single (Jetstream Records )
  • 3:52pm i go to sleep by anika on anika (stones throw)
  • 3:53pm She Made My Blood Run Cold by Ike Turner And His Kings Of Rhythm on single (Federal)
  • 3:55pm Bo Meets The Monster by Bo Diddley on I Am A Man: The Chess Masters (Chess)
  • 3:59pm Haunted House by Hasil Adkins on The Wild Man (Norton)
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