Episode 23: Thanksgiving Jive 2019

12:00pm, 12-1-2019
<< Tropicology

Today we will repeat a tradition from the former show The Adventures of Encyclopedia Sound. I can think of no better music for Thanksgiving than jazz and jive from Apartheid-era South Africa.

For those too young to remember Apartheid South Africa, it may be tempting to think that government-sanctioned segregation, discrimination, and repression in the Western world was a thing of the distant past. But it was just 1994 when Africans in South Africa were granted voting rights; prior to that the government was dominated by the small minority of whites in South Africa; Africans in that country lived in segregated housing, were barred from owning businesses, and interracial marriage was forbidden. 

In spite of this oppression, South Africans produced profoundly beautiful, spiritual, and peaceful music during the Apartheid era. I find it to be an inspiring testament to the strength of the human spirit and the eternal hope for social justice and a better future. 

What better music for Thanksgiving??

  • 12:02pm Mbaqanga Blues by Malombo on Pele Pele (Atlantic)
  • 12:04pm Hleziphi by Malombo Jazz Makers on Spirit of Malombo (Strut)
  • 12:08pm Singa Madoda by Miriam Makeba on Makeba! (Reprise)
  • 12:11pm Mini Mthembo by Gwigwi Mrwebi on Kwela (77 Records)
  • 12:14pm Sonia by Dudu Pukwana & Spear on In The Townships (Earthworks)
  • 12:17pm Nyusamkhaya by Gwigwi Mrwebi on Kwela (77 Records)
  • 12:19pm Little Old Man by Early Mabuza Quartet on Castle Lager Jazz Festival 1964 (EMI)
  • 12:21pm Zukude by Dudu Pukwana & Spear on In The Townships (Earthworks)
  • 12:26pm Mra by Gwigwi on Mbaqanga Songs (Honest Jons Records)
  • 12:29pm Morolo by Hugh Masekela on The Lasting Impression of Hugh Masekela (MGM)
  • 12:35pm Little Boy by Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) on Black Lightening (Chiaroscuro)
  • 12:42pm Perefere by Malombo on Pele Pele (Atlantic)
  • 12:42pm Emakhaya by The Heshoo Beshoo Group on Armitage Road (EMI)
  • 12:50pm Namhanje by Dollar Brand & Johnny Dyani on Echoes from Africa (Inner City Records)
  • 1:02pm Bird Meets Elephant by Malombo on Spirit of Malombo (Strut)
  • 1:04pm Celebration by Bheki Mseleku on Closer to the Source (World Circuit)
  • 1:11pm Bajabula Bonke by Hugh Masekela on The Promise of a Future (Uni)
  • 1:17pm Mannenberg Revisited by Abdullah Ibrahim on Water from an Ancient Well (Black Hawk Records)
  • 1:23pm There are Seeds to Sow by Hugh Masekela on Promise of a Future (Uni)
  • 1:25pm Whoza Mtwana by Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) on African Marketplace (Elektra)
  • 1:30pm Zikr (Remembrance of Allah) by Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) & Johnny Dyani on Echoes of Africa (Enja Records)
  • 1:35pm Black and Brown Cherries by Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) on Black Lightning (Chiaroscuro)
  • 1:43pm Xaba by Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) on African Piano (Japo Records)
  • 1:45pm Letter to Prospect Township by The Johannesburg Street Band on Dancin' Through the Streets (Uni)
  • 1:48pm Foyi-Foyi by The Johannesburg Street Band on Dancin' Through the Streets (Uni)
  • 1:51pm Nobomvu by Dudu Pukwana & Spear on In The Townships (Earthworks)
  • 1:55pm Awe Mfana by Johannesburg Street Band on Hugh Masekela Presents the Chisa Years (BBE Records)
  • 1:58pm Iza Wena by Happy Africa on Next Stop... Soweto Vol 1 (Strut)
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