Time Out 4 Fun

Episode 32 - Hardcore Homesick Blues

1:00am, 12-28-2019
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Janie and Bri take the reigns on this weeks show. Both bringing you thrashy goodness from late 70's punk classics to contemporary hardcore bands from coast to coast. Some special love is given to Oly and NYC rockers. Then Janie mellows the mood to help you night owls wind down, so ride this train to the last stop!

  • 1:01am Blood Clot by Spiritual Cramp on Police State 7" (Deranged)
  • 1:04am You Are Not a Person to Them by Kaleidoscope on 2017 7" (D4MT Labs Inc.)
  • 1:06am Fucked Up by Haircut on Shutting Down 7" (Feel It Records)
  • 1:07am Where Were You on 9/11 by Haram on "Where Were You on 9/11?" 7" (Toxic State Recordings)
  • 1:10am No Fun At The Beaches by Le Shok on 7" (Slamdance Records, 2000)
  • 1:12am Admit I'm Shit by Institute on Catharsis (Sacred Bones , 2014)
  • 1:15am Human Fly by Halo Of Flies on Music For Insect People (Amphetamine Reptile)
  • 1:17am Bikini Girls with Machine Guns by The Cramps on Stay Sick (Big Beat, 1989)
  • 1:18am I'm A Bug by Urinals on Negative Capability... Check It Out! (In The Red Archives, 2013)
  • 1:19am Stress by Vexx on S/T (M'Lady, 2013)
  • 1:21am Crisis by Lebenden Toten on Mind Parasites (Overthrow Records)
  • 1:24am Lexicon Devil by The Germs on GI (Slash, 1979)
  • 1:25am Build Me a Bomb by Jerry's Kids on Is This My World (Taang, 1983)
  • 1:27am Pain of Mind by Neurosis on Pain of Mind (D and V, 1987)
  • 1:30am Sold Out by Odd Man Out on Odd Man Out 7" (Warthog Reords)
  • 1:32am Dry Heave by Slant on Vain Attempt EP (Iron Long, 2019)
  • 1:34am Give Violence A Chance by G.L.O.S.S on Trans Day of Revenge (Sabotage)
  • 1:36am Please Sir by Hysterics on Can't Live (M'Lady's, 2013)
  • 1:39am Death's Hand by Warthog on 7" (Toxic State, 2018)
  • 1:43am Brainwasher by Warthog on 7" (Toxic State , 2018)
  • 1:47am Like a Rolling Stone by The Soupgreens on Pebbles (BFD Records, 1979)
  • 1:49am Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan on Bringing it all Back Home (Columbia, 1965)
  • 1:51am Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter by Herman's Hermits on The Best of Herman's Hermits (MGM, 1965)
  • 1:54am You Keep Me Hanging On by The Box Tops on The Box (Bell Records, 1968)
  • 1:57am Grass is Always Greener by Ace of Cups on Girls in the Garage (Past and Present, 2018)
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