Too Much Class

Too Much Christmas

2:00pm, 12-25-2019
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Christmas music is typically something we avoid, so here's our attempt to get into it. The show is sandwiched between two Christmas tracks by The Fall, because they exude the most relatable Christmas cheer. Happy Holidays!

  • 2:01pm Hark the Herald Angels Sing by The Fall on John Peel Session (BBC )
  • 2:03pm Space Christmas by Shonen Knife on Space Christmas (Seminal Twang)
  • 2:06pm Thank God It's Not Christmas by Sparks on Kimono My House (Island Records)
  • 2:10pm Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses on A Christmas Record (ZE, 1982)
  • 2:16pm We Met Bernard Sumner At A Christmas Party by Marsheaux on Ghosts Of Christmas Past ( Les Disques Du Crépuscule)
  • 2:20pm Winter Wonderland by Cocteau Twins on Lullabies To Violaine Vol. 2 (4AD)
  • 2:24pm Christmas on Easter Island by Sad Lovers and Giants on Treehouse Poetry (Midnight Music)
  • 2:28pm Hey Lord by Suicide on A Christmas Record (ZE, 1982)
  • 2:36pm Message de Noel by Mikado on Ghosts of Christmas Past (Remake) (Crepuscule)
  • 2:36pm Nolle Hawa by Antena on Camino Del Sol ( Les Disques Du Crépuscule)
  • 2:39pm Benoit's Christmas (Les Disques Du Crépuscule) by The Pale Fountains on Ghosts Of Christmas Past ( Les Disques Du Crépuscule)
  • 2:43pm Are You Coming Over For Christmas by Belle & Sebastian on Super Christmas (Self-Released)
  • 2:45pm Eight Candles by Yo La Tengo on Hanukkah (Verve Forecast)
  • 2:48pm Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree by The Magnetic Fields on Realism (Nonesuch)
  • 2:50pm Happy Holidays by Hermine on The World On My Plates (Crammed Disks)
  • 2:53pm Santa Baby by The French Impressionists on Ghosts Of Christmas Past ( Les Disques Du Crépuscule ‎)
  • 2:56pm Snow Coach by Russ Conway on Snow Coach (Columbia )
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