PNKHSE 20/20: Beauty & Tension

6:00pm, 1-20-2020
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  • 6:04pm Homosepians by L'Eclair & The Muskovic Dance Band on Homosepians/Take the Money (Bongo Joe)
  • 6:07pm Launderette by Vivien Goldman on Launderette/Private Armies (Window)
  • 6:10pm Flight & Pursuit by Indifferent Dance Centre on Flight & Pursuit/Release (Outer Reaches)
  • 6:18pm Slowness by Red Channel on Red Channel (Upset the Rhythm)
  • 6:18pm Submissive by God Is My Copilot on Gender Is As Gender Does (Funky Mushroom)
  • 6:21pm Never Been in a Riot by Mekons on Never Been in a Riot (Fast Products)
  • 6:22pm Summertime by Autoclave on V/A: Lever (Simple Machines)
  • 6:24pm Darjeeling by Rodan on V/A- Inclined Plane (Simple Machines)
  • 6:28pm Steppin' on Bugs by Huggy Bear on Long Distance Lovers (Gravity)
  • 6:30pm Untitled by Hose.Got.Cable on V/A: All the Presidents Men (Old Glory)
  • 6:33pm Toonie by Diat on Positive Energy (Iron Lung )
  • 6:34pm B1 by Negative Space on Negative Space EP (Grave Impact/Beau Travail)
  • 6:43pm I Think About It Everyday by Heat Dust on Heat Dust LP (The Flenser)
  • 6:48pm Dirt by Marbled Eye on EP2 (Erste Theke Tonträger)
  • 6:51pm Triage by 100 Flowers on Drawing Fire EP (Happy Squid)
  • 6:53pm Crazy to Exist by Josef K on Radio Drill Time/Crazy to Exist (Postcard Records)
  • 6:56pm We Are All Prostitutes by The Pop Group on We Are All Prostitutes/Our Children Shall Rise Up Against Us (Rough Trade)
  • 7:04pm Havandra by Damily on Very Aomby (Bongo Joe)
  • 7:07pm Imber & Tyneham by Way Through on Clapper is Still (Upsetting the Rhythm)
  • 7:11pm Use Your Loaf by The Nightingales on Use Your Loaf 45 (Cherry Red)
  • 7:13pm I Viaggi Fomano La Gioventu by Aksak Maboul on Um Peu d L'ame des Bandits (Crammed Discs)
  • 7:18pm Sexy Terrorist by Amos & Sara on Sara Goes Pop 2 x 7" (It's War Boys)
  • 7:23pm Hurricane Fighter Plane by Red Crayola on Hurricane Fighter Plane/Pink Stainless Tail (International Artists)
  • 7:27pm Strange by O Veux on O Veux (Softspot)
  • 7:29pm Space is Binary by The Mind on Edge of the Planet (Drunken Sailor)
  • 7:33pm Memento by Eleventh Hour Adventists on Eleventh Hour Adventists (Emotional Response)
  • 7:36pm Going Home by Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp on The Thing That Everything Else Is About (Red Wig)
  • 7:45pm Lyburnum -Wits End (Liberation Fly) by Moss Icon on Complete Discography (Temporary Residence Limited)
  • 7:56pm Pacifier by Circus Lupus on V/A: Lever (Simple Machines)
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