Cold Ones & Rolled Ones

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12:00am, 2-26-2020
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Started this show with a new garage punk & roll band outta Boise Idaho called BONE HAUS. That kicked off a dive into some tried and true garage bands including: THE BARBACANS, LOS DUG DUG’s, LOS SAICOS, THE CRAMPS & THE GUN CLUB. 

Also played a couple tracks off the new WIRE album Mind Hive. Had a listener call in asking for VARUCA SALT’s Seether, so of course I did oblige taking it back to the 90’s. Transitioned into a handful of heavier offerings from 7 YEAR BITCH, THE WIPERS etc. 

after a break came back with some Central American metal & punk from TRANSMETAL, VÓMITO NUCLEAR, ESPÉCIMEN, GARROBOS, ESKROTO & REBEL D’PUNK. Ended with Ocean Planet by GOJIRA. 

  • 12:00am not blue by bone haus on demo (self)
  • 12:03am haywire by bone haus on demo (self)
  • 12:08am Kick the Children by The Barbacans on god save the fuzz (boss hoss)
  • 12:10am Cambia Cambia by Dug Dugs on cambia cambia (RCA)
  • 12:13am come on (van aqui) by Los Saicos on 7" (dis perú)
  • 12:17am Fever by The Cramps on 12 (illegal records)
  • 12:21am goo goo muck by the cramps on Bad Music For Bad People (IRS)
  • 12:24am Fire Spirit by The Gun Club on Fire Of Love (Munster)
  • 12:26am jack on fire by Gun Club on Fire Of Love (Slash)
  • 12:29am off the beach by wire on mind hive (Pinkflag)
  • 12:35am Primed and Ready by Wire on Mind Hive (pinkflag)
  • 12:37am Seether by Veruca Salt on American Thighs (Minty Fresh)
  • 12:41am over the edge by young adults on black hole (amdiscs)
  • 12:44am tired of nothing by 7 Year Bitch on sick 'em (c/z)
  • 12:47am knot by 7 year bitch on sick 'em (C/Z)
  • 12:56am in lust you trust by 7 year on sick 'em (C/Z)
  • 12:56am dead men don't rape by 7 year on sick 'em (c/z)
  • 1:00am way of love by the wipers on land of the lost (restless)
  • 1:03am and breeding by priests on bodies and control and money and power (Don Giovanni Records)
  • 1:07am Rich Man's Dreams by Neo Boys on 7 (Trap Records)
  • 1:13am i believe you by White Lung on deep fantasy (domino)
  • 1:13am survive by bags on 7" (dangerhouse)
  • 1:14am I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Sleater-Kinney on Call The Doctor (Sub Pop)
  • 1:16am killers by transmetal on desear un funeral (*)
  • 1:24am dios nos agarre confesados by transmetal on mexico barbaro (discos y cintas denver)
  • 1:29am qué fácil by vómito nuclear on especie en extinción (discos y cintas denver)
  • 1:31am vómito nuclear by sardo on especie en extincion (discos y cintas denver)
  • 1:35am mistica by especimen on subkonzziente (discos y cintas denver)
  • 1:38am buenas noches dios by especimen on enfermedad mental (hell pigs )
  • 1:41am sangre by Garrobos on un segundo mas... (producciones pyp)
  • 1:44am tribus by garrobos on un segundo mas... (pyp)
  • 1:46am victimas by eskroto on dolor a un muerto y grotesco (discos y cintos denver)
  • 1:49am susy by rebel d'punk on delincuencia (d&c)
  • 1:50am ocean planet by gojira on from mars to sirius (Listenable Records)
  • 1:53am todos somos punk by vómito nuclear on la gran estafa (discos y cintas denver)
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