Episode 38: Sisters

12:00pm, 3-22-2020
<< Tropicology

There is a special theme for today’s show; one of those themes that crosses across all regions served by Tropicology; you can expect to hear music from Africa, Brazil, and Latin America mixed together on today’s show. I’m also mixing old and new today, with a wide range in styles. In fact there is just one qualifier for a song to join today’s set list: the lead vocalist must be female. All female vocals on this episode of Tropicology. I will admit that I was inspired to do this set a couple weeks ago on International Women’s Day… but it was too late to coordinate this year. I’ll try to start making this theme an annual event to sync up with future Women’s Day celebrations.

  • 12:02pm Oasis of Dakhla by Les Baxter on Tamboo! (Capitol Records)
  • 12:04pm El 17 (A Babalu) by Celina y Reutilio on Fiesta Santeria Vol. 1 (Suaritos Records)
  • 12:07pm Toro Mata by Lucila Campos on The Soul of Black Peru (Luaka Bop)
  • 12:11pm A Un Apotre Noir by Joby Valente on single (Aux Ondes)
  • 12:15pm Oguere by Omara Portuondo w Julio Gutierrez & Orchestra on Magia Negra (Suave)
  • 12:18pm El Destino Lo Quiso by Ada Rex w Bebo Valdes & Orchestra on Mucho Sabor (Palladium)
  • 12:21pm Separacao by Vinicius e Toquinho on Vinicius / Toquinho (Philips)
  • 12:23pm Ramer Sans Rame by Akofa Akoussah on Akofa Akoussah (Mr Bongo)
  • 12:27pm Pau de Arara by Zelia Barbosa & La Cancion Rebelde on Brasil Sertao & Favelas (Madrigal)
  • 12:30pm Ruperta by Eva Ayllon on Esta Noche (Discos Sono Radio)
  • 12:35pm El Sereno y la Almudena by Chabuca Granda on Tarimba Negra (Melody Internacional)
  • 12:40pm Luiza by Cesaria Evora on Cafe Atlantico (Music on Vinyl)
  • 12:42pm Mona Ami by N'Gola Ritmos on single (Alvorada)
  • 12:46pm Mona Ki N'Gui Xissa by Lilly Tchiumba on Songs of my People (Monitor)
  • 12:49pm Omulu by Os Orixas canta Eloah on Os Orixas (Som Livre)
  • 12:51pm Na Tiki by Rachel on single (Sonodisc)
  • 12:54pm Teya Teya by Myriam Makeba on single (Syliphone Conakry)
  • 12:57pm Tata Mobutu by Abeti on Abeti a Paris (Pathe EMI)
  • 1:01pm Guara by Samuca e a Selva on Madurar (YB Music)
  • 1:03pm Canto de Iemanja by Mia Doi Todd on Red Hot & Rio (Red Hot)
  • 1:09pm Rosa Menina Rosa by Ceu on Vagarosa (Polysom)
  • 1:13pm Dasi Ko by Bella Bellow on Togo Soul 70 (Hot Casa)
  • 1:17pm I Tcho Tchass by Akofa Akoussa on Akofa Akoussa (Mr Bongo)
  • 1:20pm Amampondo by Myriam Makeba on Zaire 74 (Chisa)
  • 1:22pm Ah Ndiyah by Oumou Sangaré on Moussolou (World Circuit)
  • 1:27pm Sorte by Cesaria Evora on Cafe Atlantico (Music on Vinyl)
  • 1:30pm Djaniras by Catia de Franca on 20 Palavras Ao Redor Do Sol (Epic)
  • 1:34pm Nuawa Muke Wa Miso by Abeti on Abeti a Paris (Pathe EMI)
  • 1:37pm Nana Burucu by Xiomara Alfaro on In These I Believe (Zambia)
  • 1:40pm Forro Em Lagoa da Canoa by Dominguinhos on Oi, La Vou Eu! (Philips)
  • 1:42pm Itabaiana by Catia de Franca on 20 Palavras Ao Redor Do Sol (Epic)
  • 1:46pm Irene by Alma Tropicalia on The Rough Guide to Psychedelic Samba (Rough Guide Music)
  • 1:50pm Ovelha Negra by Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti on Fruto Probido (Som Livre)
  • 1:54pm Yombale by Xiomara Alfaro on In These I Believe (Zambia)
  • 1:57pm Neashuba Marte by Abeti on Abeti a Paris (Pathe EMI)
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