Episode 40: The Dinner Party

12:00pm, 4-5-2020
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Whether you are listening in Portland Oregon, or New York City, or even Paris, most of us are under orders to stay in our homes during the Coronavirus event. That keeps us all away from one of my favorite things in life: dinner parties. Today I am paying tribute to this languishing tradition, this pleasure deferred. Today I am playing my ultimate soundtrack for dinner parties. The dinner party will be one of the first things we collectively do when isolation orders are lifted. There is something universal and profound about breaking bread together, as we all know. Few things we do as humans have the same power to bond us together… music is another. So let’s consider this an aspirational mix today; let’s all make a little plan, engage in a little idle anticipation for the dinner parties we will host and attend when isolation protocols go away. Let’s plan our menus, prepare our guest lists, and decide in advance what to wear. Let this be a little rock of hope we can stand on until we do actually sit at a table among friends.

  • 12:02pm No Hay Problema by Pink Martini on Sympathique (Heinz Records)
  • 12:04pm Hip Walk by Cal Tjader on Sona Libre (Verve)
  • 12:07pm Aphrodite by Dave Pike on Manhattan Latin (Decca)
  • 12:10pm Spanish Grease by Willie Bobo on Spanish Grease (Verve)
  • 12:13pm Evil Ways by Willie Bobo on Evil Ways (Verve)
  • 12:16pm Agua Dulce by Cal Tjader on Agua Dulce (Fantasy)
  • 12:18pm Sandunga by Dave Pike on Manhattan Latin (Decca)
  • 12:21pm Mambo Sangria by Cal Tjader on Solar Heat (Skye Records)
  • 12:24pm Amour Jeu Cruel by Teleco-Teco Brasilian Boys on Teleco-Teco Brasilian Boys (Polydor)
  • 12:26pm Ubatuba by Teleco-Teco Brasilian Boys on Teleco-Teco Brasilian Boys (Polydor)
  • 12:29pm Moeda Quebrada by Elizete Cardoso on Elizete A Exclusiva (Som)
  • 12:32pm Ela Desatinou by Chico Buarque on Chico Buarque De Hollanda Volume 3 (RGE Discos)
  • 12:35pm Canto Negro by Pery Ribeiro on Pery Muito Mais Bossa (Odeon)
  • 12:37pm Berimbau by Os Ipanemas on Os Ipanemas (Mr Bongo)
  • 12:40pm Negro by Menescal on The Boy from Ipanema Beach (Kapp)
  • 12:42pm Soul Sauce by Cal Tjader on Soul Sauce (Verve Records)
  • 12:43pm Jubiaba by Martinho da Vila on Batuque Na Cozinha (RCA Victor)
  • 12:45pm Chove Chuva by Jorge Ben on Samba Esquema Novo (Philips)
  • 12:47pm Por Causa de Voce, Menina by Jorge Ben on Samba Esquema Novo (Philips)
  • 12:50pm Nao se Acabou by Joao Donato on The New Sound of Brazil (RCA Victor)
  • 12:52pm Mal De Amor by Elza Soares & Miltinho on Blue Brazil 3 (Blue Note)
  • 12:55pm Mas Que Nada by Jorge Ben on Samba Esquema Novo (Philips)
  • 12:58pm Daqui Pra La... de la Pra Ca by Martinho da Vila on Presente (RCA Victor)
  • 1:01pm San Salvador by Tamba 4 on Bossa Jazz Vol. 1 (Soul Jazz Records)
  • 1:03pm Zana by Toquinho on Toquinho (Start)
  • 1:06pm Bebete Vaobora by Jorge Ben on Jorge Ben 1969 (Philips)
  • 1:09pm Batucada by Walter Wanderley on Batucada (Verve)
  • 1:12pm Onde Anda Meu Amor by Orlandivo on A Chave do Sucesso (WhatMusic.com)
  • 1:15pm Canto de Ossanha by Quarteto Em Cy on Quarteto Em Cy (Elenco)
  • 1:18pm Intriga by Ataulfo Alves on Ataulfo Alves e Suas Pastoras (Imperial)
  • 1:21pm Un Sabor Latino by Ricardo Marrero & The Group on A Taste (Jazzman)
  • 1:24pm Dancing Drums by Ananda Shankar on Ananda Shankar And His Music (His Masters Voice)
  • 1:26pm Viva Marvillas by King N'Gom et les Perles Noires on Senegal 70 (Analog Africa)
  • 1:29pm Avante Juventude by Os Anjos on Angola Soundtrack 2 (Analog Africa)
  • 1:34pm Faco-Te Este Apelo, Camarada by Carlos Lamartine on Angola Ano 1 (CDA)
  • 1:37pm Angola by Cesaria Evora on single (Lusafrica)
  • 1:40pm Merengue Rebita by Urbano de Castro on Rebita 74 (Analog Africa)
  • 1:43pm Malicia by Bebeto on Malicia (Copacabana)
  • 1:44pm Xica da Silva by Batida Diferente on Vinte Pauladas (RCA Camden)
  • 1:47pm 16 Toneladas by Funk Como La Gusta on Funk Como La Gusta (ST2 Records)
  • 1:50pm Felicidade by Seu Jorge on Músicas Para Churrasco II (Cafune)
  • 1:53pm Kilario by Di Melo on Di Melo (Superfly Records)
  • 1:56pm Nho Antone Escaderode by Cesaria Evora on Cafe Atlantico (Lusafrica)
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