Episode 46: Summertime Latin

12:00pm, 5-17-2020
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Listeners this is going to be a good times music mix on today’s show. The theme is Summertime Latin, and these will be songs right in a gringo’s sweet spot for vintage Latin music: not too aggressively fast, nor too slow or sentimental; not too jazzy; not music for salsa dancing; this set is just filled with approachable, fun grooves. This is your soundtrack for fun and dancing; music with an irresistible appeal to move the feet and hips.

  • 12:02pm Que Suave by Wilson & His Combo on Guitarra Magica (Antilla)
  • 12:04pm Cumaye by Alfredito Zayas y su Grupo Folklorico on El Guaguanson (Panart)
  • 12:07pm Caramelo a Kilo by Cheo Marquetti on Joyas de Oriente Vol. 2 (Areito)
  • 12:09pm Caramelos by Tito Puente on The Best of Tito Puente in the 60s (Caliente)
  • 12:11pm Baila Ahora by Cheo Marquetti on Joyas de Oriente Vol. 2 (Areito)
  • 12:14pm Cha Cha con Pachanga by Randy Carlos & His Orchestra on Fiesta Bailables (Delujo)
  • 12:17pm Aprietala en el Rincon by Los Yogas on Cana Brava (VampiSoul)
  • 12:20pm Smoke by Randy Carlos Y His Orchestra on Having A Ball (Fiesta)
  • 12:23pm En La Isla Se Goza by Rolando Valdes on Charanga Sensacion (Ansonia)
  • 12:25pm Setenta y dos Hacheros by Grupo Manguare on Homenaje a Arsenio Rodriguez (Egrem)
  • 12:28pm Descarga Rosa by Rolando Aguilo et son Ensemble on Cuban Jam Session (Vol.1) (Maype)
  • 12:32pm Mambo de Cuco by Mongo Santamaria on Coco May May (Grosso Recordings)
  • 12:36pm Sugar Frost (Azucare) by Pacheco & His Latin Flute Jam on Pacheco & His Latin Flute Jam (Fania)
  • 12:41pm Son Pachanga by Arsenio Rodriguez on Cumbanchando con Arsenio Rodriguez (Sinfonia)
  • 12:43pm Soro For You by Chico Cervantes y su Banda Internacional on Felicidades Con Este Ritmo (Impacto)
  • 12:47pm Aji Picante by Orquesta Los Melodicos on single (Odeon)
  • 12:50pm Siguelo Que Se Sepa by Weulfo on Fuego Fuego (Discomoda)
  • 12:54pm Ahora, No Pare by Rene Grand y su Combo New York on El Gran (Seeco)
  • 12:56pm Orquideas by Carlos Hayre y su Orquesta on Ritmo al Rojo Vivo (Delujo)
  • 1:01pm Recuerdame by Coco Lagos y sus Orates on Ritmo Caliente (Get Back Records)
  • 1:03pm La Macarena by Rey Roig y su Sensacion on Otra Vez (Mericana)
  • 1:07pm Cuco and Olga by Mongo Santamaria on Mongomania (CBS Records)
  • 1:10pm Chonga by Vladimir And His Orchestra on New Sound in Latin Jazz (Alegre)
  • 1:14pm The Kittens Cha Cha Cha by Randy Carlos & his Orchestra on Having a Ball (Fiesta)
  • 1:17pm Me Voy Pa Las Villas by La Playa Sextet on Pachanga Cha-Cha-Cha Anyone? (Mardi Gras Records)
  • 1:20pm La Senorita Lola by Ray & his Court on Ray & his Court (Sound Triangle)
  • 1:24pm Descarga Bontempi by El Timba on Sofrito Tropical Discotheque (Strut Records)
  • 1:26pm Pilon by Los Hacheros on Pilon (Chulo Records)
  • 1:30pm Pescao En Salsa by Rey Roig y su Sensacion on Otra Vez (Mericana)
  • 1:33pm Salsa by Los Megatones de Lucho on Descargas (Discomoda)
  • 1:36pm Lo Sabia by Ray & his Court on Ray & his Court (Sound Triangle)
  • 1:39pm Mama Calunga by La Playa Sextet on Pachanga Everyone (Mardi Gras Records)
  • 1:41pm Montuno Pachanguero by Sabu Martinez on Sugar's Delight (Grosso! Recordings)
  • 1:43pm Yo No Soy Mentiroso by Pio Leyva on Best of Buena Vista (ARC)
  • 1:46pm En El Pasado Quedara by Melaza on Melaza (Chulo Records)
  • 1:50pm Lo Que Dice Usted by Jorge Cabrera on Homenaje a Arsenio Rodriguez (Kubaney)
  • 1:53pm El Ritmo Soledad by The Orchestra Soledad on DJ Amir presents Buena Musica y Cultura (BBE)
  • 1:57pm Mamaguela by Tito Rodriguez on El Inolvidable (Sonodisc)
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