Welcome To The Neighborhood

WTTN 272 - May 23rd 2020 #SocialDistancing

8:00pm, 5-23-2020
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  • 8:06pm Affirmations by Rambo Rich on Affirmations (Single) (Rich Lineage)
  • 8:09pm Church Boy (feat. Jared Sanders) by Dee Black, Fee-lo on Church Boy (Indie)
  • 8:12pm The Cure by Precise on The Cure (Single) (Take Axshun Music/Teksbook Entertainment)
  • 8:19pm Help (feat. Joell Ortiz) by Blakk Soul on Take Your Time (Mellow Music Group)
  • 8:22pm AMTBN by HANiF The Barber & Tope on No Clout (HANiF the Barber)
  • 8:25pm Angels (feat. Zahira) by Big Wyno & Killah Priest on Angels (Rated Ill)
  • 8:33pm A Little Bit of Pun (Trayze Remix) by Private Stock Records on PSR-001 (Private Stock Records)
  • 8:35pm The 1st Time (feat. DJ Premier and Slug of Atmosphere) by Jamo Gang on Walking With Lions (Fat Beats Records)
  • 8:39pm Sweatpants & House Shoes by JxJury on Sweatpants & House Shoes (JxJury)
  • 8:44pm Hard To Quit The Rhyme (Feat. J-Live, Anthony David & Señor Kaos) (Prod. By Floyd The Locsmif) by 4-IZE on Look Into My IZE (Ultra Beast United)
  • 8:52pm Welfare (feat. Rahim Thornhill) by Eastern Sunz on Welfare (Single) (Eastern Sunz)
  • 8:55pm In Dat Wats (feat. Peter Knudsen) by Tony Ozier on Tone Tuesdays (Tony Ozier Music)
  • 8:59pm The Signal by Meek Heros on The Signal (Single) (Meek Heros)
  • 9:04pm ChecMate (feat. Atmosphere & Lil B) by Jabee on This World Is So Fragile And Cruel I’m Glad I Got You (Grand Union Media)
  • 9:08pm Bed Bugs [Prod. by Corey] by Punchline Q on Bed Bugs (Single) (Punchline Q)
  • 9:14pm Angels (feat. Zahira) by Big Wyno & Killah Priest on Angels (Rated Ill)
  • 9:16pm Gone Till November by King Thayo on Gone Till November (Kingly Music Group)
  • 9:21pm Algorithm (feat. MC Frontalot & Abstract Orchestra) by Young RJ & Mega Ran on 2 Hands Up (Ne'Astra Music)
  • 9:23pm Call Me Up by i, Ced on Call Me Up (Single) (MoFunk Records)
  • 9:31pm Digital Ghost by Killah Priest on Digital Ghost (Kill Priest)
  • 9:31pm God Over Money by Deonte Hall on God Over Money (Single) (Nectar)
  • 9:38pm Never Change (feat. Hisname) by JayKnight on Never Change (Single) (Rapture Ready Productions)
  • 9:41pm Paranoianxiety by Marcus McCauley on No One Cares (Produce Organic Records)
  • 9:44pm Reputable (feat. MC Eiht, Planet Asia & Mitchy Slick) by Sir Veterano on The Gathering (Fresh Yard Records)
  • 9:48pm Push On Thru (feat. Ras Kass and Maverick Sabre) by Brady Watt on Push On Thru (TTT)
  • 9:48pm Fruits Of The Spirit by Jay Electronica on A Written Testimony (Roc Nation)
  • 9:53pm One Time (Paten Locke Tribute) (feat. Willie Evans Jr., J-One-Da, Dillon, Basic & Jay Myztroh) by FULL PLATE on One Time (Full Plate)
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