Strange Babes

Subterranean Gestures

4:00pm, 8-4-2020
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  • 4:00pm Cool by Pylon on Gyrate (DB)
  • 4:05pm It's Obvious by Au Pairs on Single (Human Records)
  • 4:12pm To Hell With Poverty by Gang of Four on Solid Gold (EMI)
  • 4:14pm Inside Out by Martin Dupont on Hot Paradox (Infrastition)
  • 4:17pm Third Uncle by Eno on Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (Island)
  • 4:23pm Primary by The Cure on Faith (Elektra)
  • 4:26pm From This Point On by Soft Kill on An Open Door (Fast Weapons)
  • 4:30pm Something New by Lè Travo on Erring and Errant (Dark Entries)
  • 4:36pm Alan Turing by Facit on Mat Åt Duvorna (Cititrax)
  • 4:40pm Silent Imagery by Jeunesse D'Ivoire on Milano New Wave: 1980-83 (Spittle)
  • 4:45pm You Haunt Me by Vazz on Submerged Vessels and Other Stories (Stroom)
  • 4:46pm Lamborghini (Petrol 1982) by Severed Heads on Lamborghini/Petrol (Dark Entries)
  • 4:50pm She Was Surprised by Psychic TV on Allegory & Self (Temple Records)
  • 4:55pm The Linear Way by Linear Movement on The Linear Way (Minimal Wave)
  • 5:01pm The Devil's Dancers by Oppenheimer Analysis on New Mexico (Minimal Wave)
  • 5:04pm Looking From A Hilltop by Section 25 on From the Hip (Factory)
  • 5:08pm A Life Alone by Liberation on Longtime Listener (ROS)
  • 5:14pm Adieu Au Dancefloor by Marie Davidson on Adieu Au Dancefloor (Minimal Wave)
  • 5:27pm Peace by Peaking Lights on Escape (Dekmantel)
  • 5:31pm Kill for Love by Chromatics on Kill for Love (Italians Do It Better)
  • 5:35pm A Slice of Lemon by Molly Nilsson on 2020 (Dark Skies Association)
  • 5:39pm The White of An Eye by Patience on Dizzy Spells (Winona)
  • 5:44pm Paper by Cold Beat on Mother (DFA)
  • 5:47pm Mari by Martin Rev on S/T (Superior Viaduct)
  • 5:52pm In Other Words by Shopping on Consumer Complaints (FatCat)
  • 5:55pm I Guess I'm Just a Little Too Sensitive by Orange Juice on The Orange Juice (Polydor)
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