Episode 29: Summer Patch 1 (Rerun)

12:00pm, 8-16-2020
<< Tropicology

I guess you listeners know by now that your Tropicology DJ is a fan of tropical music. But did you know that tropical music, taken in prescribed doses, is an FDA approved treatment for seasonal affective disorder? As we all know, those of us living in the Earth’s temperate zones are subject to depression and malaise during the times of year when sunlight is limited and weather is cold. Tropical music can and will cure all maladies related to lack of sunlight including droopy eye, brain crust, and stiff joints due to lack of dancing. 

So in the spirit of public health and well-being, I present today an episode of tropical music therapy for seasonal affective disorder. This will be a summer patch to help get you through the dim and cold winter months. Summer patch calms your sunlight cravings and minimizes the symptoms of summer withdrawal. Summer patch is easy to use… just slap this on your ears for two hours and you will see immediate results. Today we are going to choose Brazil flavor for our summer patch… Brazilian music is a top-rated patch with clinically proven power to raise your mood index by a factor of up to 3 margaritas with no lingering side effects. Tonic for your seasonal affective disorder on today’s episode of Tropicology.

  • 12:02pm Jogaram O Caxanga by De Savoya Combo on Samba Soul 70 (Ziriguiboom)
  • 12:04pm Pra Oxala by Alma Brasileira on Joia Rara (private press)
  • 12:07pm Sambaloo by Renata Lu on single (Mr Bongo)
  • 12:10pm Deixa Nao Deixa by Rosa Maria on Via Brazil 3 (Brasilia)
  • 12:13pm Avenida Atlantica by Rosa Maria on Via Brazil 3 (Brasilia)
  • 12:16pm Jandira by Tom & Dito on Obrigado Corcovado (Amazon Records)
  • 12:18pm Como Vai, Vai Bem? by Joyce on A Trip to Brazil Vol 4 (Universal Jazz)
  • 12:19pm Ciumeira by Carlos Sodre on single (Mr Bongo)
  • 12:22pm San Salvador by Tamba 4 on Bossa Jazz Vol. 1 (Soul Jazz Records)
  • 12:23pm Eu reu, me condeno by Helio Matheus on Via Brazil 3 (Brasilia)
  • 12:26pm Maior E Deus by Trio Mocoto on Trio Mocoto (RGE Discos)
  • 12:28pm Cobra Criada by Joao Bosco on Linha De Passe (RCA)
  • 12:31pm Jeep by Erasmo Carlos E Os Tremendões on Erasmo Carlos E Os Tremendões (Light in the Attic)
  • 12:34pm Baoba by Claudia on single (Mr Bongo)
  • 12:37pm Vou Morar No Teu Sorriso by Trio Ternura on single (Mr Bongo)
  • 12:40pm Kriola by Os Carbonos on Samba (Instrumental) (Beverly)
  • 12:42pm O Trambiqueiro by Samba Som Sete on O Trambiqueiro (Equipe)
  • 12:44pm Uma Rosa Pra Dita by Os Incriveis on Mingo,Nenê E Risonho (RCA Victor)
  • 12:47pm Capim Barba de Bode by Tom E Dito on Obrigado Corcovado (Amazon Records)
  • 12:50pm Cordeiro de Nana by Os Tincoas on Os Tincoas (RCA)
  • 12:53pm E Isso Ai by Doris Monteiro on Doris (Odeon)
  • 12:56pm Nao Adianta by Trio Mocoto on Trio Mocoto (Arlequim)
  • 1:02pm Samba by Faze Action on Break 'n Bossa Chapter 2 (Schema)
  • 1:04pm Mash Banana by Chris & Nena & Friends on Paz E Futebol (Sonar Kollektiv)
  • 1:07pm Crioula Multicolorida by Jose Roberto on Brazilian Beats Brooklyn (Mr Bongo)
  • 1:10pm A Beleza e Voce Menina by Osvaldinho da Cuica e Grupo Vai-Vai on Vamos Sambar (Discos Marcus Pereira)
  • 1:13pm Canto de Dor by Os Tincoas on Os Tincoas (RCA)
  • 1:16pm Quem Vai Querer by Eliana Pittman on single (Mr Bongo)
  • 1:19pm Panga, Danga, Panga by Sambacanas on single (Club Internacional)
  • 1:22pm Ah Voce Nao Sabe by Azymuth on Woodland Warrior (Far Out Recordings)
  • 1:24pm Mina Feia by Seu Jorge on Musicas Para Churrasco 2 (Cafune)
  • 1:27pm Festa by Silvio Cesar on single (Mr Bongo)
  • 1:30pm Eu Sou Mais Eu by Ana Mazzotti on Ana Mazzotti (Far Out Recordings)
  • 1:33pm Nanar Contigo by Zeca do Trombone & Roberto Sax on Zeca do Trombone & Roberto Sax (Mad About Records)
  • 1:36pm Vem Ca Nega by Clube do Balanco on Samba Incrementado (Beat Records)
  • 1:39pm Africa Hot Band by Banda Uniao Black on Banda Uniao Black (Common Folk Records)
  • 1:42pm Mr. Funky Samba by Banda Black Rio on Maria Fumaça (Atlantic)
  • 1:43pm Verso E Prosa by Cotonete & Di Melo on Atemporal (Favorite Recordings)
  • 1:50pm Esta Noite Estou Na Paz by Graca Cunha on Beat Records Super Funky Chart (Beat Records)
  • 1:54pm O Amigo de Nova York by Emilio Santiago on Mais Que Um Momento (Philips)
  • 1:57pm Manuel by Ed Motta on Ed Motta & Conexão Japeri (WEA)
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