PNKHSE 20/20: Remixed, Repackaged, Rereleased

6:00pm, 8-24-2020
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  • 6:00pm French Poet by Protomartyr on Old Spool & Gurges (Self-Released)
  • 6:05pm Leaving Room For the Lord by Trust Punks on Double Blind (Spunk/Warf Rat)
  • 6:09pm In the Hand, In the Sieve by Polvo on Cor-Crane Secret (Merge)
  • 6:12pm Ten Witches by 9353 on 1983 Demo (Self-Released)
  • 6:18pm New Leaf by Household on Elaines EP (Dull Knife)
  • 6:20pm Myself to Myself by Romeo Void on It's a Condition (415 Records)
  • 6:24pm Best and Fairest by Primo! on Sogni (Upset the Rhythm)
  • 6:27pm Samouri Swords by 48 Chairs on 70% Paranoid (Finders Keepers)
  • 6:32pm El Clavo Y La Cruz by The Plugz on Repo Man OST (San Andreas Records)
  • 6:35pm Out of Reach (Maston Remix) by Bananagun on Out of Reach (Maston Remix) (Self-Released)
  • 6:38pm Untitled by Robert Rental on Paralysis (Dark Entries)
  • 6:42pm Blue by Sweeping Promises on Hunger For A Way Out (Feel It)
  • 6:47pm Loss Leader by Germ House on Spoiled Legacy (Self-Released)
  • 6:51pm From the Start (Demo) by Blues Lawyer on Be Gay Do Crime (Girlsville)
  • 6:53pm Leather, Bristles, Studs, Acne by Neurotic Fiction on Romance (Self-Released)
  • 6:55pm Aspirations by Athens on Virtue Signal (Blank Editions)
  • 7:00pm Something in the Way by Palberta on Something in the Way (Wharf Cat)
  • 7:02pm Shedileebop by Coriky on Coriky (Dischord)
  • 7:06pm ...Please Wait During the Silence by Paul Newman on S/T 7 (Twistworthy)
  • 7:09pm RSVP/In a Cadence by The Warmers on Wanted: More (Dischord)
  • 7:12pm Science Has No Soul by Vitreous Humor on Posthumous (Crank!)
  • 7:14pm Fishing by The Deep Freeze Mice on The Gates of Lunch (Mole Embalming Records)
  • 7:17pm You by Au Pairs on You (021 Records)
  • 7:20pm Walking Solves It by The Warmers on The Warmers (Dischord)
  • 7:23pm Lovely Fashionette (Live) by Pink Section on Pink Section (Superior Viaduct)
  • 7:26pm Howler Monkey by The Performing Ferret Band on The Performing Ferret Band (Beat Generation)
  • 7:28pm Split Fruit by Mope Grooves on Desire (See My Friends)
  • 7:31pm Angry in the Head by Unhappy Fly on Unhappy Fly (Emotional Response)
  • 7:36pm Godsend by Beat Happening on You Turn Me On (Sub Pop)
  • 7:46pm Calhoun Surf by Raybeats on Guitar Beat/Calhoun Surf (Don't Fall Off the Mountain)
  • 7:47pm Architects Sleep by The Evens on The Odds (Dischord)
  • 7:50pm Golden Apples by Country Teasers on Destroy All Human Life (Fat Possum)
  • 7:53pm Es Macht Keinen Sinn by People Skills on Former January Ending Through 52 Weeks (Sophomore Lounge)
  • 7:56pm The Vacancy by Calm on Calm (Unleaded Records)
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