Friends Of Noise Presents

Friends of Noise Presents PDX Youth Music Showcase

2:00pm, 9-13-2021
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2:00 Diane by Rei Deora

2:03 Socks Master by Out of Luck

2:06 Light by Mei Anna 

2:10 Cause by Wavy Josef 

2:12 Depression by Myles Saucedo

2:15 Feels by Bird Bennett

2:20 Blue Youth by Atless

2:23 Ghost Girl by Rena

2:26 On my mind by Darah Marie.

2:29 Smile by JoJo Scott

2:32 Allison Wonderland by Timothy James

2:36 For the Better by Jolly Wrapper

2:39Hometown by Ascxnsion

2:42 I'm OK by Zoe Ferquson

2:45 Houseboat by Growing Pains

2:48 Naivete by Lue Banfield 

2:51 Thank you by Everett Tea 

2:56 Everything Glows by Glacier Veins

  • 2:00pm diane by Rei Deora on Rie Deora (Propaganda Kid)
  • 2:03pm Sock Master by Out of Luck on Out of Luck (Self Release)
  • 2:06pm Light by Mei Anna on unknown (uhnknown)
  • 2:10pm Cause by Wavy Josef on Single (Self release)
  • 2:12pm Depression by Myles Saucedo on Single (Self Release)
  • 2:15pm Feels by Bird Bennet on White Roses (Chilla Fam Base)
  • 2:20pm Blue Youth by Atless on Single (Self Release)
  • 2:23pm ghost girl by Rena on Single (Propaganda Kid)
  • 2:26pm On my mind by Darah Marie on Single (Self Release)
  • 2:29pm Smile by JoJo Scott on Growing Up (Self Release)
  • 2:32pm Allison Wonderland by Timothy James on Love = Chaos (Self Release)
  • 2:36pm For the better by Jolly Wrapper on Single (Self Release)
  • 2:39pm Hometown by ASCXNSION on Nomad (Self Release)
  • 2:42pm I'm OK by Zoe Ferguson on I'm OK (Self Rlease)
  • 2:45pm Houseboat by Growing Pains on Heaven Spots (Self Rlease)
  • 2:48pm Naiveté by Lue Banfield on Single (Self Release)
  • 2:51pm Thank You by Everett Tea on Single (Self Release)
  • 2:56pm Everything Glows by Glacier Veins on The World you Want to See (Equal Vision)
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