Strange Babes

Post Punk Paradise! (Copy)

4:00pm, 3-9-2021
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  • 3:55pm Angel Outfit by California Lightning on 45 (Sound On Sound)
  • 4:00pm Ring My Bell by Blood Sisters on Hustle! Reggae Disco (Soul Jazz)
  • 4:06pm Christine Keeler by Glaxo Babies on 45 (Heartbeat)
  • 4:13pm Rowche Rumble by The Fall on Dragnet (Earmark)
  • 4:20pm Bad Girl by The Hattifatteners on Vogue Bambini (Dark Beloved Cloud)
  • 4:21pm Cool by Pylon on 10" (Armageddon)
  • 4:24pm Adult/ery by Scars on 45 (Fast Products)
  • 4:27pm jack kerouac by gang 90 on the sexual life of teh savages (soul jazz)
  • 4:30pm Sit On It Mother by The Pastels on Good Feeling Vol 1 (53rd & 3rd)
  • 4:38pm Baby's On Fire by Brian Eno on Here Come the Warm Jets (Island )
  • 4:42pm Bricks by The Diagram Bros. on 45 (New Hormones)
  • 4:46pm Optimo by Liquid Liquid on New York Noise (Soul Jazz)
  • 4:50pm Slippery When Wet by The Dance on Dance For Your Dinner (Contact Go Go)
  • 4:53pm Hungry, So Angry by Medium Medium on Hungry, So Angry (Cherry Red)
  • 4:55pm Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock on Head Hunters (Columbia)
  • 5:05pm This is an Experiment by Crazy Hearts on Peripheral Vision (Zoar)
  • 5:11pm Off The Hook by Y Pants on S/T (Water Wing)
  • 5:15pm Never Surrender by Chin Chin on Sound of the Westway (SLR)
  • 5:17pm The Red Door by The Aisler Set on 45 (SLR)
  • 5:22pm You Fell Apart by Ex Hex on Rips (Merge)
  • 5:24pm How We Connect by Dog Faced Hermans on hum of Life (Mississippi )
  • 5:30pm Song For a Future Generation by The B-52s on Whammy! (Warner Bros.)
  • 5:34pm (Life) After Dark by The Flowers on Mutant Pop (Fast Products)
  • 5:38pm I Can't Tell You What To Do by ESG on A South Bronx Story (Universal Sound)
  • 5:41pm Black Licorice by Cold Beat on Chaos By Invitation (Crime on the Moon)
  • 5:45pm Get Up and Use Me by Fire Engines on Aufgeladen Und Bereit Fur Action Und Spass (Rough Trade )
  • 5:49pm C-30 C-60 C-90 Go! by Bow Wow Wow on 12 Original Recordings (Harvest )
  • 5:52pm Send In the Clowns by Grace Jones on Portfolio (Island )
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