80lb. Cardstock

80lb. Cardstock 159: The Stars All Winked At Her

8:00am, 3-28-2021
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  • 8:00am Shonen Knife Planet by Shonen Knife on Happy Hour (Big Deal, 1998)
  • 8:02am Permeate by Kate Simko on Subsystence Trax 2.0 (Subsystence)
  • 8:05am Reyong by Loren Nerell on The Gong Prophet (Soundquest Music, 2021)
  • 8:12am Gone by Chatham Rise on S/T (Picture In My Ear, 2013)
  • 8:18am Lyrictron by Barbara Held on Upper Air Observation (Lovely Music Ltd., 2007)
  • 8:24am Patience Worth by Haptic on The Medium (Flingco Sound System, 2009)
  • 8:29am L. Fading Hills by Hood on Outside Closer (Domino, 2005)
  • 8:34am Your Funeral...My Trial by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on Your Funeral...My Trial (Mute/Homestead Records, 1986)
  • 8:38am Teletextual by The Electronic Humans Guild on S/T (Robosapien Recordings, 2001)
  • 8:43am Track 10 by Concentrick on Music For Tunnels (Louder Records, 1996)
  • 8:50am MEQ (Patrick Russell Mix) by Moon Pool And Dead Band on MEQ dbl. 12" (Midwich Productions, 2015)
  • 8:57am Formations by Electric Sound Bath on Of This World (Moon Glyph, 2020)
  • 9:01am A Short History Of Music by Steve Fisk on Over And Thru The Night (K, 1993)
  • 9:03am Rainshadow Near Christchurch by Roy Montgomery on Scenes From The South Island (Drunken Fish, 1996)
  • 9:09am Red Light, Blue Light by Skylab on Oh! (L'Attitude, 1995)
  • 9:16am Suggestions For Walking Alone by Mitchell Akiyama on Small Explosions That Are Yours To Keep (Sub Rosa, 2005)
  • 9:19am Unknown by Elm Echo Elm on Unreleased Demo (No Label)
  • 9:26am Sycamore by Negativland on Escape From Noise (SST Records, 1987)
  • 9:28am Nightfall by Motohiro Nakashima on And I Went To Sleep (Lo Recordings, 2004)
  • 9:37am Side A (Excerpt) by Nondimension on Scrawls Of Social Distance (Trouble In Mind Records, 2021)
  • 9:43am Pure Nonsense Intermission by Climax Golden Twins on Imperial Household Orchestra (Scratch Records, 1996)
  • 9:48am Bird Of Paradise by Cory Hanson on Pale Horse Rider (Drag City, 2021)
  • 9:51am Can't Get It Out Of My Head by Electric Light Orchestra on Ole ELO (Jet Records, 1976)
  • 9:56am We Wax & We Wane by Electric Sound Bath on Of This World (Moon Glyph, 2020)
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