80lb. Cardstock

80lb. Cardstock 170: Solar Flares

8:00am, 6-27-2021
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  • 8:00am This Is Helena by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark on Dazzle Ships (Virgin, 1983)
  • 8:02am Velocimane by Haptic on Uncollected Works (2005-2010) (Bandcamp, 2021)
  • 8:10am Interlude by Sean Deason on Comin From Tha D - Blueprint (Intuit-Solar, 2000)
  • 8:12am Untitled 2 by Holland on Your Orgasm (Darla Records, 1997)
  • 8:13am Moscow Disco (Carl Craig Remix) by Telex on Designer Music V1 (Planet E, 2000)
  • 8:19am Interlude by Push Button Objects on Ghetto Blaster (Chocolate Industries, 2003)
  • 8:22am Asteroid by Emmerichk on Asteroid (No Copy Protection, 2007)
  • 8:27am Ready by Onra & Quetzal on Tribute (Bo Bun Records, 2006)
  • 8:29am Is It A Baldwin? by Tom Recchion on Chaotica (Birdman Records, 1996)
  • 8:32am L'Homme Orchestre by Troublemakers on Cinemix (Universal Music France, 2003)
  • 8:36am Piano by Erik & Fiedel on Donna (MMM, 1997)
  • 8:39am The Romance Of The Telescope by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark on Dazzle Ships (Virgin, 1983)
  • 8:44am Dew Drunk by Gregory Darden on Single (Bandcamp, 2021)
  • 8:53am One by Nordvest on Rooftops & Chaotic Streets (Suction)
  • 8:54am Three by Nordvest on Scribbles (Suction, 2020)
  • 8:56am Wichita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard by KLF on Chill Out (KLF Communications, 1990)
  • 9:00am Afternoon Drive by Atlas Sound on Bedroom Databank Vol. 1 (Self-Released, 2010)
  • 9:04am Memer by Perspects on Peopleskills (Interdimensional Transmissions, 2006)
  • 9:06am Sea Kaleidoscope by X.Y.R. on Wave Tapes (Constellation Tatsu, 2021)
  • 9:13am Search Zero by Moebius Plank Neumeier on Zero Set (Sky Records, 1983)
  • 9:22am Gaining Ground by Youth Worship on Techno Void (Scissor Tail, 2016)
  • 9:25am Piano Handjob by Thrones on Day Late, Dollar Short (Southern Lord, 2005)
  • 9:27am Another Magic Window by F/i on F/i-Boy Dirt Car Split (RRR, 1986)
  • 9:32am 1968 by Psi Performer on Art Is A Division Of Pain (Kanzleramt, 2001)
  • 9:37am Hal Manifesto by Eero Johannes on Eero Johannes (Planet Mu, 2008)
  • 9:41am 0001 by Shirttrax on Chewables (Falsch, 2019)
  • 9:42am Track 1 by Infotron on Behind The Transparent Screen (Falsch, 1999)
  • 9:50am Electric Deaf by Sote on Electric Deaf (Warp, 1992)
  • 9:56am Departure by Com Truise on Persuasion System (Ghostly Intl., 2019)
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