Optic Echo Presents

Optic Echo Presents 7/20/21

6:00pm, 7-20-2021
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  • 6:00pm Six Cellos For Sol LeWitt I by Christina Vantzou on Six Cellos for Sol Lewitt (Sonic Pieces)
  • 6:01pm Unboxing Utopia by Murcof on The Alias Sessions (Leaf)
  • 6:08pm Psychogeography by Max Richter on Voices 2 (Decca)
  • 6:12pm Fireflow by Dr. Atmo & Mick Chillage on Ruhleben (A Strangely Isolated Place)
  • 6:16pm I Am Yours by Zakè and Marine Eyes on Unfailing Love (Past Inside the Present)
  • 6:22pm Version 3 by Space Afrika on Untitled (To Describe You) 10” (Sferic)
  • 6:26pm Monocoastal (Part 1) by Marcus Fischer on Monocoastal (10th Anniversary Edition) (12k)
  • 6:31pm Ontome by Knxwledge on Kauliflower (All City)
  • 6:32pm Velarde by Land Trance on First Séance (Rocket Recordings)
  • 6:35pm Conversationalist by Florian TM Zeisig on Music for Parents (Métron Records)
  • 6:42pm Keep it Fit by Bre’r on Bathing for the Betterment of Cold Drink (Circle Into Square)
  • 6:45pm Touch Returned by Eluvium on Virga II (Temporary Residence)
  • 6:54pm Fake Trilobites by Dialect on Loose Blooms (Dense Truth)
  • 7:00pm Theyll by Uwe Zahn, Porya Hatami & Darren McClure on Ypsilon (n5MD)
  • 7:06pm grey by clouddead on peel session 10 (mush)
  • 7:09pm The Time Between by Hotel Neon on Vanishing Forms (self released)
  • 7:13pm Brazos Fantasmas by Slow Meadow on Costero ( Hammock Music)
  • 7:17pm Slate-Coloured Storm by Abul Mogard on Circular Forms (Ecstatic)
  • 7:21pm SWIM by Holly Herndon on Proto (4AD)
  • 7:24pm Ko Un by Lumine on All the Unnamed ( La Scie Dorée)
  • 7:28pm Darren (alternative mix) by The Boats on Static Clings (Moteer)
  • 7:28pm Fault Line by Future Sound of London on Archived Environmental Views (ebV)
  • 7:34pm Mirror Lake by Pye Corner Audio on Darkest Wave 7" (Polytechnic Youth)
  • 7:37pm Kompania (Grooved Ware Mix) by The Orb on Bicycles & Tricycles (Simply Vinyl)
  • 7:43pm Haunt by Rival Consoles on Sonne (Erased Tapes)
  • 7:48pm Future Tense by Lali Puna on Our Inventions (Morr Music)
  • 7:51pm All I Need by Clams Casino on Instrumentals (Type)
  • 7:54pm Novagems by Tape Loop Orchestra on The 1915-16 Panama Pacific Expo (Wist Rec)
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