Optic Echo Presents

Optic Echo Presents 8/3/21

6:00pm, 8-3-2021
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  • 6:00pm Theory of Machines by Ben Frost on Theory Of Machines (Bedroom Community)
  • 6:01pm Untitled #228 Side 1 by Francisco López on Untitled #228 (ini.itu)
  • 6:03pm Mitleid Lady by Bohren & Der Club Of Gore on Mitleid Lady (Latitudes)
  • 6:09pm Memento Mori by Matmos on A Chance To Cut is A Chance To Cure (Matador)
  • 6:13pm She Dreams Alone by Rafael Anton Irisarri on Daydreaming (Miasmah)
  • 6:16pm Closure by Orla Wren on Butterfly Wings Make (Expanding)
  • 6:22pm Requiem For An Idea And Its Map by Drape on An Idea and it’s Map (Infraction)
  • 6:24pm Janine by Pronoia on DJ Kicks (Thievery Corporation) (Studio !K7)
  • 6:29pm She Just Likes To Fight by Four Tet on There is Love in You (Domino)
  • 6:32pm The Sound Of Young Helmshore (Part 3) by Septemberist on The Sound Of Young Helmshore (Parts 1-3) (Splendid Sound Recordings For Rainy Evenings Next To The River)
  • 6:34pm Levitate by 36 on Lithea (3six Recordings)
  • 6:39pm Creepy Crawly by Terror Train on Terror Train (Attacknine)
  • 6:42pm Dial (Helios Remix) by Deaf Center on Neon City EP (Type)
  • 6:47pm All Our Base Are Belong To Them by The Books on Food for Thought (Tomlab)
  • 6:51pm We Named It After You by The Remote Viewer on You're Going To Love Our Defeatist Attitude (City Centre Offices)
  • 6:55pm Frisky He Said by B. Fleischmann on Frisky He Said 7" (A Number Of Small Things)
  • 6:59pm Tonka Truck by Solvent on Putting The Morr Back In Morrissey (Morr Music)
  • 7:02pm Nightlite (feat. Bajka) by Bonobo on Days to Come (Ninja Tune)
  • 7:07pm Seroxat Smile by Black Dog on Black Daisy Wheel (Dust Science)
  • 7:09pm Rausch 5 by GAS on Rausch (Kompakt)
  • 7:23pm Remnant Signals by Eluvium on Life Through Bombardment vol. 2 (Temporary Residence)
  • 7:28pm Vergezicht 1 by Machinefabriek on Vergezichten (Alien Transistor)
  • 7:35pm Abovewater by Francisco López on Untitled #300 (Tiaga)
  • 7:43pm Below It by Peter Broderick on Home (Type)
  • 7:47pm For by Nils Frahm on Juno Reworked (Erased Tapes)
  • 7:55pm still in a storm by d_rradio on Parts (Distraction Records)
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