Optic Echo Presents

Optic Echo Presents 8/24/21

6:00pm, 8-24-2021
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  • 6:00pm Late for School by Casino Versus Japan on Go Hawaii (City Centre Offices)
  • 6:03pm Blue, In Script by Alaskan Tapes on In Distance We're Losing (self release)
  • 6:09pm Austin Texas Mental Hospital Part 3 by Stars of the Lid on The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid (Kranky)
  • 6:12pm Untravel by Rival Consoles on Persona (Erased Tapes)
  • 6:21pm Two Hum by Delarosa & Asora on Agony Part 1 (Schematic)
  • 6:26pm Untitled by The Remote Viewer on The Remote Viewer (555 Recordings)
  • 6:30pm Loss by Marcus Fischer on Loss (12k)
  • 6:34pm A Catalogue of Afternoons by Max Richter on The Blue Notebooks 15 year (Rune Grammofon)
  • 6:35pm Karavanserai by Kaboom Karavan on Short Walk with Olaf (Miasmah)
  • 6:38pm Acoustic Tale 4 (With Danny Norbury) by Field Rotation on Acoustic Tales (Denovali Records)
  • 6:43pm It's Very Sunny by Casino Versus Japan on Go Hawaii (City Centre Offices)
  • 6:47pm No Solution by Jel on Soft Money (Anticon)
  • 6:54pm Lightning Proves To Be Unnecessary by Greg Davis on Precursors 7" (Melektronikk)
  • 6:56pm Pot Noddle by Black Dog on Spanners (Warp)
  • 7:09pm Outro by Yonderboi on Shallow & Profound (Mole Listening Pearls)
  • 7:10pm Untitled by Odd Nosdam on Plan9...Meat Your Hypnotis. (Mush)
  • 7:11pm For Speakers by AER on Project 7 (Touch)
  • 7:13pm Honeymoon by Simon Scott on Bunny (Miasmah)
  • 7:19pm This Is The End by Biosphere on The Petrified Forest (Biophone)
  • 7:23pm Headlights by Herrmann & Kleine on Our Noise (Morr Music)
  • 7:27pm Take Your Lights With You. by The Remote Viewer on Let Your Heart Draw A Line (City Centre Offices)
  • 7:29pm The Sea Is Never Full (Part 1) by Dakota Suite | Vampillia on The Sea Is Never Full (Karaoke Kalk)
  • 7:31pm 33° 31' N 36° 19' E Hour Six by Thomas Köner on La Barca (Fario)
  • 7:35pm Repository Of Light by Demdike Stare on Voices Of Dust (Modern Love)
  • 7:44pm F*ck Dub mix 3 (Baby Mammoth remix) by Tosca on F*ck Dub Remixes vol 1 (G-Stone)
  • 7:50pm Glory by Fog on Fog (Ninja Tune)
  • 7:54pm M1 by The Black Dog on Music For Real Airports (Soma Quality Recordings)
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