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The PM Show #370

2:00am, 8-26-2021
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The PM Show (akaThe Progressive Music Show) features the best in Progressive Electric Music from around the world. Hear the latest in "Prog" and catch some old favorites as well. It's all on The PM Show with your host JB Horwitz. 2-4AM Thursday mornings on 91.1 and 107.1 XRAY FM, 99.9 KXRW FM and at www.xray.fm. The PM Show is dedicated to world peace. Believe it!

  • 2:02am Hall of the Mountain Grill by Hawkwind on Hall of the Mountain Grill (EMI)
  • 2:04am Astronaut Nightmare by Nektar on Journey to the Center of the Eye (Bellaphon)
  • 2:11am Across the Dark We Steer by Karfagen on Echoes From Within Dragon Island (Caerllysi)
  • 2:14am If Only by The Far Cry on If Only (Paid Piper)
  • 2:34am The Strangest Times by Big Big Train on Common Ground (English Electric)
  • 2:39am Picture Show by The Rocket Scientists on Looking Backward (Think Tank Media)
  • 2:47am In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 by Coheed & Cambria on In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 (Columbia)
  • 2:57am Anunnaki - Everything is Falling Apart by Perfect Beings on Vier (Inside Out)
  • 3:04am The Last Seven Minutes by Magma on Attahk (Ariola)
  • 3:11am Darleen by Shankar on Touch Me There (Zappa)
  • 3:14am Arriving at the Northern Gate by Christiaan Bruin on The Black Codex (Christiaan Bruin)
  • 3:21am Timetable by Kit Watkins on Holographic Tapestries (One Way)
  • 3:24am Sleepers by Galahad on Sleepers (Oskar)
  • 3:40am The Great Cosmic Dream by Maze of Time on Lullaby for Heroes (Art Performance)
  • 3:45am Ashes by Long Distance Calling on How Do We Want to Live (TSoP)
  • 3:51am Fall Away by Pattern Seeking Animals on Pattern Seeking Animals (Inside Out)
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