The IMPACT! Sound

IMPACT! Sound 379 - Run For Your Life

1:00pm, 11-20-2021
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Buju Banton, Shiloh
The Upsetters, Soul Juice
Grant & Richards, Freedom Psalm
The Classics, History of Africa
Sexy Frankie, Tea Patty Sex and Ganja
Owen Gray, Apollo 12
John Holt, Ali Baba
The Heptones, Picular Man
Martin Campbell, A Way Of This World
The Youths, We A Socialist
Peter Tosh, Burial
The Ethiopians, Jericho
The Pioneers, Teardrops To A Smile
Tommy McCook & the Ska-talites, Hilly & Gully Ride
Peter Tosh, The Letter Version
Melodians & U-Roy, Every Body Bawling
Delroy Wilson, I Am Soul
Jackie Paris, Run For Your Life
Winston Wright, Five Miles High
The Melodians, You Are My Only Love
Prince Buster, Enjoy Yourself

  • 1:00pm Shiloh by Buju Banton on 'Til Shiloh (Loose Cannon)
  • 1:00pm Soul Juice by The Upsetters on 45 (Upsetter)
  • 1:03pm Freedom Psalm by Grant & Richards on 45 (New Beat)
  • 1:05pm History of Africa by The Classics on 45 (New Beat)
  • 1:08pm Tea Patty Sex and Ganja by Sexy Frankie on 45 (Joe)
  • 1:11pm Apollo 12 by Owen Gray on 45 (FAB)
  • 1:15pm Ali Baba by John Holt on 45 (Treasure Isle)
  • 1:17pm Picular Man by The Heptones on 45 (Coxsone)
  • 1:22pm A Way Of This World by Martin Campbell on 45 (Log On!)
  • 1:25pm We A Socialist by The Youths on 45 (Youth Man Records)
  • 1:28pm Burial by Peter Tosh on 45 (Diplo)
  • 1:31pm Jericho by The Ethiopians on 45 (Wind)
  • 1:34pm Teardrops To A Smile by The Pioneers on 45 (Caltone)
  • 1:37pm Hilly & Gully Ride by Tommy McCook & the Ska-talites on 45 (Treasure Isle)
  • 1:39pm The Letter Version by Peter Tosh on 45 (Upsetter)
  • 1:42pm Every Body Bawling by Melodians & U-Roy on 45 (Treasure Isle)
  • 1:44pm I Am Soul by Delroy Wilson on 45 (Brad's Records)
  • 1:47pm Run For Your Life by Jackie Paris on 45 (Mummy)
  • 1:49pm Five Miles High by Winston Wright on 45 (JJ Records)
  • 1:53pm You Are My Only Love by The Melodians on 45 (Gay Feet)
  • 1:56pm Enjoy Yourself by Prince Buster on 45 (Prince Buster)
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